Monday, 1 June 2015


The weather today in Gurgaon was so nice after a really long time. So we decided to go on a lunch to some new place that was not really being talked about. 
It was Cafe Tafri (SCF 90, First Floor, Near OM Sweets, Sector 14.) 
A little cafe with a lot of light and nice fresh feel. The walls, the tables, the wall hangings and                                                the sitting arrangements were quiet quirky and intersting. 

The staff was a bit confused in the beginning but when we asked them about few dishes they were atleast aware about the basics of them. They need to increase their AC's temperature though. It was hot for a while when we entered. 
The decor was pretty and gave it a funky look. 
All in all if you enter it everything that you'll see will appeal to your eye.

We were empty stomach so we decided to try out some new dishes in the menu. The menu had many options but ofcourse most of them were the dishes that we had already tried at other cafe and clubs. So we ordered a Virgin Mojito, which is a must. Honestly, Virgin Mojito was Virgin Mojito i.e. the same taste that is found everywhere. So full marks for that.

After that we needed a smoothie so we ordered  KIT-KAT CHUNK and well it was not something out of the world smoothie which was kind off expected. But nevertheless it was tasting like it contains KIT-KAT in it so we would say 6.5/10 for that.

Yes, we are Italian Food Freaks and we had to had to order pasta, no bro?
One of us is a red tangy sauce lover and the other one is a white sauce lover, but we settled for red sauce pasta because one should always try something new. hehe :P
Our pasta was called Penne At Rosso, and it was good but required a little more spice to it. It was tangy (like mentioned it the menu) and defenitely needed salt in it.
So, 7/10 for pasta, because yes we are a bit bias for PASTA. WOO HOO.

OK, so the photo looks quiet tempting and indeed it tasted the same. Our favorite dish was this starter in the menu called, Chicken Cheese Nachos.
It tasted nice and was cheesy and yeah the tangy salsa and vegetables suited well. The only issue was that there was literally very few chunks of chicken in it. Very Few. 
This dish gets 8.5/10 from us. Keep It Up.

We saved the best for the last. HAHA
This divine looking Molten Chocolate Cake was one of the best desserts we've ever had.
I mean the dish looked so heavenly that even before eating it we knew how yummy it will be. It was yummy, tasty, delicious and any other synonym that one can think of. We will surely go back to this place to have this dessert again. 10/10 from us. 

A good lunch date for The MadCap Girls. You can visit this place with your friends or even go on a date and also if you want to give a small party to your buddies this place is appropriate for sure. Not hurting your pockets and still filling up your tummy is the best thing about Cafe Tafri. 
If you live in Gurgaon, you shoul defenitely visit this place atleast once. 
Let us know of you try something new. Try the platters on the menu as well.

FOOD- 3.5/5
DECOR- 4/5

Hope this review is helpful for y'all.
Loads of Love, XOXO.

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