Friday, 5 June 2015

Udupi restaurant – nothing above average

Udupi restaurant situated at vasant kunj, has been quite popular with people. Hence, giving it a visit was imperative.

We ordered
1) Rava masala dosa
2) Plain masala dosa
3) Chhole bhature

Let’s begin with rava masala dosa.

It costs 115 bucks and tastes just like any regular rava masala dosa. it was big enough to serve 2 people and you could order unlimited sambar and chutneys. However, there was nothing exceptionally good about it, given the price.

Plain masala dosa

Plain masala dosa costs 100 bucks and this, again was not exceptionally good. Just like any other average dosa, this too had the same regular taste with nothing that can set it apart. Here too, you can order unlimited sambar and chutneys and can glut the appetite of 2 people.

The chutneys.

2 chutneys are served with each dosa, one is the coconut chutney and the other is the red spicy chutney. The chutneys were good.  The coconut chutney complimented the dosas nicely. There was nothing wrong with it. As for the red spicy chutney, it too was absolutely fine. It wasn’t too spicy. Exactly the way it is supposed to be.
With the 2 chutneys, there was also served a curd like refreshment. It had roasted mustard seeds and chopped raw onions and coriander stirred in it. It balanced the spicy flavor of the dosas and the chutneys and gave the palate a refreshed flavor.

Chhole bhature

If you ever go to udupi, make sure you DO NOT buy chhole bhatura. It costs a 100 bucks and is not worth the price.   It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t worth 100 rs. You had rather have a much better chhole bhatura from gopaljee.
All in all, udupi is an average restaurant. The ambiance is fine. It can accommodate a lot of people. If you want to have dinner with your family, you can go there.  If you are hoping for a romantic date with your partner, udupi is a strict NO-NO. The service is good. You won’t be kept waiting for long and will be served in max 10 mins. Udupi doesn’t provide value for money. It is not heavily expensive but not cheap, either. Only that, given the price, you may expect better results.

TASTE -  2/5

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