Sunday, 30 October 2016

WEEKEND COOK-A-THON:- Al Yakhni (Bottlegourd Yakhni)

Name: Al Yakhni (Bottlegourd Yakhni)

Description: Yakhni be it Bottlegourd(Aal in kashmiri) or Lotus Stem (Nadru in Kashmiri) is a must have if you are having a proper kashmiri vegetarian meal.

 A part of every festival, important occasions yakhni can be of different type. Yakhni means preparation of the dish in curd. Mutton Yakhni, Nadru Yakhni, Aal Yakhni they all are prepared in curd. This thick creamy gravy is a delight which everyone can enjoy with some steam rice jeera rice. Bottlegourd is the least preferred vegetable when it comes to making something special. Here comes the typical Kashmiri Aal Yakhni.Give it a try and just enjoy the yakhni.


Bottle gourd prepared in fresh curd with kashmiri masale.

1. Cut bottlegourd in medium round pieces.

2. Heat some mustard oil in a frying pan( most of the kashmiri dishes are prepared in mustard oil)

3. Fry these bottlegourd until they are golden brown. Take them out on a kitchen paper to remove the excess oil.

4. Now in a pan take some mustard oil. Once the oil is hot put 2-3 tsp of fennel powder(sounf powder or baiydana in kashmiri), 2 slitted green chillies, 2 cardamon into the oil and cook the masala nice for 2-3 minutes on a medium flame. For every kashmiri dish like damaloo yakhni always cook the masala first on oil not after adding the vegetables. Now here the quantity of the fennel powder should not be too much as the taste of fennel will be much more than the taste of the gravy.

5. Now once the masala is cooked add some fresh curd home made preferable and keep stiring. Once the curd gets mixed with the masala add the fried bottlegourd add one and half cup of water. Mix all well.

6. Now keep stiring regularly and let the bottlegourd cook for some 5-10 minutes untill u get a thick gravy.
7. Garnish it with some finely chopped coriander leaves.

8. Serve it hot with some rice.

-manoj pandita

Friday, 28 October 2016


As Diwali is arriving in a day and more festivals are on their way, I bring you a style hack which will make you the star of the entire season of festivals. 

Styling a KURTA two ways to make your life easier in every way possible. 


My favorite kurta is maroon in color and i purchased it from Mynta for Rs 999. 
It's very comfortable and easy to wear and obviously if you prefer wearing easy going clothes, this one's for you. This kurta contains buttons in the front and has a three fourth sleeve with a collar. This look is very smart and also has an indian touch to it. 

Pair it with a black legging to enhance the maroon color and wear a jootie or your favorite traditional footwear. 

I used very light make up on my face, using my BB cream from oriflame and my Lakme Maroon lipstick and a winged eyeliner to complete the look. Put on a beautiful earing and you are good to go.



The second look is the indo modern look which is my favorite, honestly. 

The same Kurta is used here but as a long shrug. So all you need to do is put on a crop top like the one i am wearing and you favorite pair of jeans that matches the colors in a balanced manner. Unbutton the shrug and put in on. Wear a nice belly, preferably of the same color as the shrug, otherwise anything which is close to the color of the shrug and you are good to go. 

Same makeup works for this look. All you can do is accesorize a bit by wearing a long neck piece or something that is again modern with a hint of tradition. This is something you can wear in your office or college and can also wear it as a twist in your festival clothes. 

Don't forget to let your hair loose. 

I hope this helped you in any way and I also hope you have a cheerful and cracker free Diwali. 


The grand truck culinary journey at Leela Ambience Conventional hotel, Delhi

Benaras-It’s one of the world’s oldest living cities. The winding lanes lined with quaint shops and spicy eateries, lazing cows and milling crowds, lives up to that reputation. Food here blends with religion and culture. Varanasi is famous for its kachoris, chaat, lassi and, of course, paan. 

The grand truck culinary journey is being celebrated at the Leela Ambience Conventional hotel, Delhi. And this time the stop is holy city, Benaras. To bring out the flavours of each mouth-watering delicacy, the chef himself travelled to Banaras to gather the secrets of the food geniuses hidden in the lanes of the city of Benaras.I love how they keep trying out different things and always try to bring something new to the table.

So i started my journey with Thandai and paan drink which tasted heavenly and refreshing, truly authentic in taste.

Bathi choka-served in huge brass plates and katoris.  The most popular dish of benaras,litti chokha and sattu parathas. Littis are hard, oven-baked channa dal cakes eaten with piping hot dal and chokha (traditionally made smoked eggplant) with an array of pickles.

 The dahi vada is a sweeter version of what you get on Delhi’s streets – it had a sweetened taste.

The kachoris were super crispy with perfect spices , this is one thing you should definitely not miss. Tasted delicious with mint chutney.

Tamatar ki chaat and chudda matar were lip smacking as well.

Coming to the main course it literally amazed me. With so many options like kadi pakora, aloo banarasi , tarua , paneer butter masala and chilli chilen , gutwa kebab in non veg , everything was exquisite.

The most exciting part were the desserts which included parval ki mithai , madgal , launglata and kheer .

Overall had a brilliant experience! The festival is ongoing till 29 of this month and definitely not to be missed at all.


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

HARIPPA, bringing a twist in your cooking

Brand: True Elements
Sub-brand: Harippa
Product: Roasted Seeds (6 variants / 6 flavors)
Price: Only Rs.99
Features: Natural Raw Seeds, Premium Quality, Ancient Diet, Modern Taste (flavors)

Flavors: Original Desi Spices and Masala's used. 

The concept of ‘Harippa’ symbolises fusion- of ancient sustenance and contemporary taste;health and fun. It brings back the food in the most natural form, just the way our forefathers consumed it, but with a modern flavour twist. The product idea came from one simple question, “Why are roasted seeds with seasoning not available?” The answer to this is the Harippa range of snacks which brings nutrient-bursting roasted seeds with interesting, earthy seasonings. Also, the biggest hurdle the common man faces is that ‘health’ foods come at an exorbitant price. This is why, Harippa range of snacks is available at a really affordable price, with offerings starting from just Rs 99.

The seeds used in Harippa are hand-picked, roasted to perfection to add that slight crunch. They are then seasoned with Babylonian-inspired spices and herbs. Choicest seasonings like rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, cinnamon, cumin, etc. are used. These seasonings not only enhanced the taste but also added a special value to the product.

The inspiration for the packaging design also came from the art crafts of ancient civilisations. The elements of the design on packaging are composed with this in mind. We have picked up inspirations from various historical monuments like:

-    The Sanchi stupa from Buddhist Vihara conveying the product’s philosophy & ethics.
-    Human portraits inspired from Murals of Ajanta caves, Mughal illustrations and Vedic art to convey the research.
-    Caricature of Animals and Humans from Madhubani paintings & Cave art of Chauvet cave of France conveying the innovation.

The aroma of the seeds filled the entire room. Perfectly created withy such clear and beautiful packaging. 

For all those who wants a twist in their authetic cooking, use these products for sure. 

Friday, 21 October 2016


My first fashion blog and I dont think it could get any better. 

Fashion is not about being stylish or putting on a lot of make up or any such perceptions. It's about being comfortable and confident in what you wear. 
Flaunt your personal style without any hesitation and set trends the way you want. Nothing and no one should stop an independent and strong woman, like you! 

Kanelle by Kanika Jain is a brand that showcases how a comfortable outfit can show class and can depict the beauty of a woman. I wore this really gorgeous shirt from their limited edition collection that they had launched in Spring this year. They have a very soothing feel with everything they create and the moment i saw this shirt, i knew we both were meant to be together. 

Styled this outfit two ways. 

1. Party Mode On

Party is all about looking classy under those shimmery lights and with this outfit, you'll surely shine your way to the top. This shirt has buttons, but i unbuttoned it and wore my favorite tank top under it. A skinny jegging and your most stylish sneakers to go with it. Tied my hair in a casual bun and put on my most treasured red lipstick. 

 A very casual, light and easy going look to give you the comfort and get some compliments too. 

2. The Woman who works

My office allows us to wear casual clothes, irrespective of what day it is. So this outfit is just perfect for your office. 

Button up the shirt, put on your comfortable jeggings and a bright coloured belly. I've let loose my hair but you can make a bun also or a pony. This was one of the most amazing outfits for me because i was so in sync of what i was wearing and i was so cheerful and complacent. 

#kanellewoman is a real woman, who is strong, independent and stylish. 

Their store in located in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi. 


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

JW MARRIOTT, MUSSOORIE- A luxury getaway in the lap of nature

Looking for a getaway? We have a perfect destination for you!

The culture of short getaways from the cities is really increasing. And for the people who are looking for an escape, we have an ultimate destination for them- JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort and Spa. 

JW Marriott Mussoorie is located amidst the Garhwali Himalayan Range and Walnut grove which offers miles and miles of a picturesque view from every corner of the property.
It is the one of the best getaway properties of India.

Mussoorie being the nearest and most loved hill station for the people living in Delhi NCR region this place sums up as a perfect break from the hectic routine of daily metro life. This place is located about 8 kms away from the Mall Road.
When you will reach, the first thing you’ll notice that the property is literally humongous!  The moment you’ll enter the lobby you will be amazed to see that how beautiful it is. Luxury can be felt in every corner.
 We stayed at a Studio Suite there; it was generously big and had all the modern amenities to make your stay here comfortable and peaceful. It has got a king size bed, an open bathroom and an expansive balcony with alluring view of Garhwali Himalayan Range. This room is going to set some serious #goals for all of y'all. 

The Den
Keeping up with its essence of ensuring a memorable holiday, the hotel leaves no stone unturned - They  have the largest entertainment centre in Mussoorie, comprising of a plethora of video games, a  pool table and a bowling alley - all of this for a fun-filled evening with your friends or family.

#Dining Options
JW Marriott Mussoorie offers a unique dining experience that is really difficult to find. They have 5 restaurants within their property. Each restaurant has its own speciality and each of them have something different to offer to its guests.

1. Trout House: - This is one of the best roof top restaurants one can find in Mussoorie. It is overlooking the Garhwali Himalayan range. They serve some really lip smacking North Indian food. It opens only for dinner. Things I would suggest- Butter chicken,Tandoori chicken, Chicken Biryani, Shahi Paneer.
2.JW Cafe:- This place opens for breakfast and lunch. It has a big open kitchen which looks really beautiful. I fell in love with their Breakfast Buffet, which was surely a lavish engagement with hundreds of options which you cannot miss. 
3.Teppan:- This is the perfect spot for chinese food lovers. They serve amazing Indo chinese food which will surely make your taste buds dance! They also have a private seating for 15-20 people.
 4.Wisteria Deck:- This place specializes in authentic Italian cuisine. So get ready for some amazing Pizzas and Pastas specially curated by their chef.
 5.Perch:- Last but not the least, Perch is the place where one go if you crave for some delectable desserts, at anytime of the day.

#Things Not To Miss
JW Marriot Mussoorie also has specially curated local experiences which will totally blow you away and would really touch your soul. 
1.Relax and Rejuvenate with Cedar Spa by L’Occitane- This should be the first thing on your list once you enter your room. Just throw your bags and head to the Cedar Spa to unwind all the tiredness of the journey.
 2.Breakfast by the stream:- This was once in a life time experience because our table was set within crystal-clear mountain stream which is something unusual and overwhelming. Overall the atmosphere there was just so rejuvenating and relaxing. We cherished every moment of having our breakfast in the lap of nature. This soothing experience of having our feet in the water and eyes on the food was the ultimate thing we could had wished for.

3.Lunch at Bhatoli Village:- JW Marriott Mussoorie also organizes visits to the local villages which gives you a glimpse of how the locals of Mussoorie are living their lives in simplicity. We also got a chance to have some Garhwali delicacies which was made by the natives specially for us. We had Makki ki roti (corn bread) with fresh Pudina Chutney (mint chutney), a bowl of boiled rice and a glass of  mathha. This made me encounter Mussoorie at the grass root level and it was a wonderful experience .

 JW Marriott Mussorrie took up the responsibility to unveil the hidden gems of Mussoorie which normal eyes will never be able to see. This getaway for me was a dream come true. Crossing out a getaway of this kind from my bucket list was sure an amazing feeling.

Starting Price - Rs.15000

#Contact Information
Contact - +911352635700
Website -


Saturday, 15 October 2016


MISSFOODIEDIARIES brings you the perfect weekend vacay destination. 
Barlowganj, located in between Dehradun and Mussoorie, is a peaceful place away from all the hustle bustle of these two tourist locations.

And where will you stay, you ask?
Well, I stayed at TULIP INN, BARLOWGANJ and I would recommend it to you too. 

A very well located, peaceful and mesmerizing resort that is perfect for a solo trip, family vacay or a couple's trip. The only sounds you hear are the birds chirping, some monkeys moving from tree to tree and the view is heavenly. I am not a fan of hills, but one trip to this place and I am craving to go back and spend some more time with such a view, sipping my hot coffee. What else do we need, right?

The rooms are spacious and the beds were comfy. The washroom was pretty much equipped with everything that is required by a customer. Everything being a little cozy, the room is the only place i wanted to stay, sleep in or just read a novel!

You go out of your room and you see the magical view and your heart will be satisfied and will be filled with happiness. Why go out when you can stay in the resort and enjoy the lovely view!

Their food that they served was pretty decent. Nothing exceptional but surely they had the correct flavors. They know what to serve during/according to how the weather behaves which truly is what their highlight is. 

To all those who are planning to marry and are still looking for a perfect destination, TULIP INN is the answer my friend. Their picturesque view, the peaceful environment, clouds, trees and everything all together makes up for the wedding you dream of. Their banquet hall is pretty giant and can easily fit in good number of people. 

Also, if you require a pre or post wedding shoot, this place is so apt for both. Every nook and corner is an eye candy for a photographer and surely you being the lovely couple, the shoot is going to beyond imagination. 

All in all, a place that'll stay in your heart for a very long time and it will make you crave to come back and enjoy the happy solace. 

They also have a magnificient property in Mussoorie which is located right in the market and is also having a very beautiful scene. If you want some happening market-y view, unlike the one in barlowganj, go ahead and live in the one is Mussoorie. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Dandiya Event @ Kingdom of Dreams

Gurgaon, 10th October 2016: The time of the year has arrived when everyone is ready to tap their feet on the beats of famous Bollywood item numbers wearing the traditional clothes bought from the expensive designer boutiques. It’s Navratri.
Kingdom of Dreams, which carries a great reputation of hosting some of the most talked about musical nights of Delhi – NCR, hosted a 3 days Dandiya Event - "Bollywood DandiyaRaas 2016" organised by Pearl Wedding and Entertainment. Pearl group have been organising the biggest Dandiya event in Delhi – NCR from last 4 years and this year it was bigger and better than ever, they came up with loads of WOW element like live music, live dance performances, different competitions, decorative stalls for shopping and yes lots of different gifts for the participants.
The first day of the event was a mega hit as the Punjabi and Bollywood singer, IndeepBakshi, fame from “Saturday Saturday and kalachasmafrom the movie “Baarbaardekho” made the crowd go mad with his high voltage performance. The infectious chartbusters from his newly released album “Bad wali Feeling” was too much for the crowd to handle. Even with a traffic struck Friday night, people came from all parts to rejoice the beats of Dandiya with the troupe from Gujarat teaching them the GarbaRaas. 

The night started with a singing duo from Gujrat who sung some traditional Garba and people became a part of the dance formation. It was a spectacle to watch people swirl in a massive circular formation. As the night progressed, the pop-star ‘IndeepBakshi’ combined the power packed Bhangra and the rhythmic beats of Danidya and the people were floored by his energy.
The second and third day witnessed some enthralling and intoxicating performances by Pinki Maidasani and Farhad Bhiwandiwaland with people turning up in large number to cash the weekend. Gujarati dance troupe along with electrifying Barqat band brought the flavour of Gujarat to our city. Crowd also got a chance to satiate their taste buds with different cuisines from various parts of India at the very famous Cultural Gully.
PinkyMaidasani is an Indian Idol 3 finalist &bollywood playback singer. She has sung for various Bollywood movies song like Kiklikaler di from Luv ShuvTey Chicken Khurana , dekh le kismatyaar. She is doing many live shows within and outside India.

Farhad comes from a Parsi family and is a known playback singer who has sung many songs for Bollywood. He has sung for famous Bollywood actors like Sanjay Dutt, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.
Barqat Band

Barqat Band is one of the most famous & known bands of India. India’s got talent 2016 Finalist Afzal Ahmad and his band is among the group. This Band has done lots of live shows with many celebrities artists like Neha Thakur , Sunidhi Chauhan , Rakesh Maini , etc. 

Saturday, 8 October 2016


Smoking is harmful and for those who wants to quit it, i have a perfect product for you. 

This VAPOURIZER from EVOLVE VAPORS is so apt for people looking for suppliments to quit smoking. This small product is going to give you the feel of smoking whereas it is not harmful at all. 

Easy to handle, very light weight and can be carried anywhere. 
You can carry it to your office, parties, get togethers and more. 

I had also received six flavours that were quite strong and easy to use. They had many varieties and i was really impressed with how easily you can pour them inside the vape and use them. 
The smoke from the vape is brilliant and strong. The price fo this product is rs5099 and I think every single penny is worth spending on this one. Its firstly for a good cause and also its pretty amazing. 

MISSFOODIEDIARIES highly recommends this product.