Thursday, 28 January 2016

Soul & Spice- Food that touches your soul

As a food blogger I have eaten various types of cuisine and loved them or criticised them depending on their flavor, taste and many other points. 

One thing, or if i say, one cuisine that has always stayed in my heart is the typical spicy indian or to be more precised mughlai food. As an indian and as blogger who lives in Delhi, i believe "masala" "tadka" "mirchi" are very commonly used words when we talk about our favorite food. The food that touches our soul. 

So, recently i had gone to a restaurant called Soul & Spice Co. located on golf course road, gurgaon and had a lavish lunch. Let me provide you with all the details. 

I had gone there with a vegetarian friend of mine and this is all we both had there.
*droolworthy things coming your way*


Two delicious soups were served to us in these cute little cutleries and the presentation and the taste were both amazing. 


This heavenly platter had various non veg kebabs and my favorite was the fish kebabs. Then we also ordered for mutton kebabs which were gooey and delectable. Full marks.


This one had the most amazing paneer tikka me and my friend ever had. We were literally drooling over the paneer tikkas. The galouti kebabs were soft and yummy.

Their green chutney was yum.
The whole presentation of both the platters was really good and clean. No mess at all.


My first time with kathal ki biryani and i want it again. To be honest i have never liked jackfruit/kathal but this biryani was oh so good. Usually  vegetarian biryani tastes like pulao that we make at home but this one was indeed the best i have ever had. So on point. The raita and the gravy along with it was complimenting the biryani very well. Good taste and a good quantity too. 


These two dishes were really droolworthy. After a really really long time i had some good chicken dish. The chicken was soft and the gravy was yummy and it had some brilliant flavors which gave my taste buds a gala time. 
The paneer dish was so ambrosial and was loved by me and my friend. The gravy was thick and delicious and so were the paneer pieces. 

The food looked and tasted like it was cooked very nicely and the chef has surely used some ideas before cooking each of these dishes. 


Indian desserts are rare but delicious. 
These two were so toothsome that we just couldnt stop ourselves from finishing them off. Worth trying.

Their Lychee Kheer was sweet, yummy and was recommended by the staff and loved by us.

This place looks so beautiful because it is filled with so many photographs and various typical indian products to give you that soul touching feel. 

I especially loved the photographs which filled an entire wall in the restaurant. 

My experience at Soul & Spice was really really good and i will surely recommend it to all my readers. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Yumist- Making our lives easy

Are you living alone? Or living with a roomate and you both are bad cooks? 
And you miss the food that your mom cooked for you? 

Well oh well, I have the perfect solution for all of y'all. 

Recently, i came across this app called Yumist and decided to order from there. It is available on Android and Ios both. 

They provide you with a packed box/ meal for your lunch and dinner and I had so much of fun in the entire process.

Let me begin with the installation of the app - It was easy, quick and did not suck up the battery or space of my phone. It fetches your location and provides you the menu available. 

Then you place an order (lunch or dinner) and they have such pocket friendly meal boxes that i can actually have them everyday. You obviously will get the Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian option and they also have a sweet dish *woohoo*

Add your address and other details and select the time when you want it to be delivered and DONE. I mean it, done, woosh, finito...

Payment can be done by cash or online too. 

I received my order on time and had no fuss at all. The boxes were hot and packed very properly and nothing was leaking or greasy or oily on the outside. 

It was so much fun to unpack all of these boxes.

As we unpacked them, we could smell the aroma of all the dishes in the entire room. 

The food was fresh, clean and delicious. Their dishes had some really good flavors and was loved by everyone in my family too. 

I loved the veg and the non-veg both. The chicken was tender and juicy and really delectable. 
Their Dal was yummy too.

Now the best part of this entire meal was its quantity. This is honestly more than enough for one person. They serve everything wholeheartedly and I will surely give them full marks for their generosity. 

For sweet dish I had ordered for Atta Ka Halwa and it was really delicious. And the quantity was good too.

Their menu changes everyday and they have some really amazing dishes lined up for y'all. This app is accurate for bachelors and also for people who work late shifts and don't have time to cook at home. 

My experience was 5/5 and I will surely order again. 

Keep up the good work.


Monday, 25 January 2016


LimeTray had organised a Bloggers Meetup at Pebble Street, CP and here i am sharing my experience with you. 

Pebble street, As the name suggests is a place which was like old european street cafes. The bar was quite different from the other cafes , it's more like a sports pub. People who enjoy sports need to surely visit this place as they would find it interesting. The bar is located at the centre with football club banners.They organise football screenings and are amongst the first ones to introduce pub culture. This place is famous for its cocktails. The best part is they've happy hours till 8:30pm.

 The menu has variety of options to choose from. We ordered some drinks which included pineapple sunshine which was like ordinary pineapple juice and virgin mojito which tasted good. The long island iced tea had right amount of alcohol in it which was neither too strong nor too light. Then came the Red Wine Sangria, which is great if you want to get high. Sweet sixteen margarita was yum! The drink that stole our heart was death by chocolate , it tasted like heaven and had a little hint of alcohol in it which was amazing.

 Then came the starters and the main course , we ordered chicken stew and thai curry which tasted decent, garden vegetable pizza which was a thin crust pizza and it was cheesy and gooey .
 Then came The combo basket which included mushrooms , cheese fingers , jalapeno poppers which was heavenly.. Mozarella Fritters with barbecuque dip was marvellous.
 Then we ordered super pebble nachos which was presented in a very good way and had filling of beans and cheese on top, they were palatable, quite different from other dishes .
 The salt and peppe was delicious . Red sauce pasta was served hot and i savoured every bite though white sauce pasta lacked the flavour.
 Tacos were lip smacking as well. Also non veg platter was fine. Bruschetta platter was gorgeous , the presentation was quite well and the taste too. 
Chilly potato were in good quantity . Pebble veg burger  was great in taste! Veg lasagne and veg ravioli was warm enough and were nonetheless amazing .
 Veg falafet pita parcels had distinctive flavour and taste. 

Then came the most important thing Desserts which were heart throbbing. We ordered the alpine sundae which was delightful consisting of fresh fruits , vanilla ice cream and whipped cream . And lastly the ultimate dessert platter , a combination of apple pudding , blueberry pudding , vanilla ice cream , chocolate cake and the amazing tiramisu . This was our favourite from the day.

 This place is for live band lovers and also owner was very humble and was seen talking to people in the restaurant. All in all a decent place to chill.

I would like to thank LimeTray for organising a brilliant bloggers meetup. 
If you're a sports buff, you should surely not miss this restaurant. 



Saturday, 23 January 2016


Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi is a place that I have rarely explored but it has some really beautiful and amazing restraunts. 

Recently,  LimeTray which is a product-startup helping restaurants market, engage and sell to more customers online had organised a blogger meet where I was invited and had loads of fun. The venue was Elation. 

Elation is a giant restaurant with beautiful decor and an appealing terrace and a balcony. Their plus point is their decor especially the terrace (pictures below). You can go here and chill with your friends, do sheesha and sip your favorite alcohol. In winters this place is filled with youngsters and office goers who wants to relax and get rid of their stress. 

Coming to the food, it was honestly really yummy. 

Ordered for a chilli chicken and it was so tender, flavorful and heavenly. The pieces were soft and just melted in our mouths. The veggies were tossed well to get that gorgeous flavor. A good companion with my beer.

Then i ordered for fish fingers with tartar dip. Tender and juicy fish fingers and the dip complimented them. One of the best fish fingers i have tried. Full marks

Another appetizer called chicken kebabs which were my partners with a giant Bira glass. 

Bacon and Onion Pizza
This pizza was oh so delectable and was loved by everyone. If you're a bacon fan then this one's for you. So cheesy and so droolworthy.

Penne Arrabiata
This was a juicy, tasty and delish red sauce pasta which was filled with spices and cheese. The olives gave it the zing it needed and i loved it way too much. 

Mushroom Lesco

This was a Hungarian creamy mushroom flavored with paprika and served with saffron rice. The gravy was gooey and delicious. You could smell the aroma of saffron the moment this dish will come infront of you. I am a mushroom fan so i loved this alot. A very heavy dish but will leave you wanting for more.

Grill Fish with Caper Sauce
This was the best grilled fish i have had since a very long time. It was served with mashed potatoes and was worth every bite. And just look at the presentation, so gorgeous. Loved the veggies which were complimenting the dish so nicely. Indeed a dish to savor. 
To be honest, i will surely recommend this one to all those planning to go to Elation. 

Dessert Time

Heavenly Brownie.
Well, they've named their brownie and hevenly and i couldn't agree more. The brownie was soft but on that point where it is soft and gooey but not too much. That went well with the vanilla ice cream and made my day. 

Red Velvet Cake

I have always loved the concept of cake in a jar and this one didnt disappoint me at all. And guess what? If you cant finish this dessert you can pick up the jar and take it home. Happy now?

Spent an entire evening with the people from LimeTray who had been so humble and also were a great company. 
Special metion to Mr Arjun, owner of Elation for his time and his suggestions. 

I, without any doubt loved this place and will be going back soon.