Thursday, 28 April 2016


Are you craving for Authentic Chinese food and don't know where to go? Then China Garden is the place you should go, they have some really nice and ablot of options to choose from and serve amazing authentic chinese cuisine. The menu is literally so huge that you won't be able to narrow down your choices and will end up ordering so much just as we did. And it was all worth it.

China garden was on my list for a very long time but recently i got an opportunity to visit them.

It is spacious and elegant. The place is quite and calm, which makes your experience there wonderful. The yellow lighting gives a really nice effect to the place.

The staff was polite and really helpful. Also the service was quick. But some of the waiters were not well equipped and looked a little new to the place as they were notable to brief me about the dishes.

Coming to the food-

#For drinks we ordered:-
• Mojito: it was recommended by the staff and it was on point. The flavour of mint was really strong and this drink made me so happy.

• Kiwi and Strawberry frozen margarita(virgin): the texture was just perfect and they tasted heavenly. I personally liked the kiwi one as it tasted something different than the usual in a good way.

• Peach frozen daiquiri: favourite. Crazy one. I liked it alot.

#For starters we ordered:-
•Steam Dim Sum Fish-
Steam dim sum fish comes in a big basket it is served with glass (cellophane) Noodles. I did not like it a lot. overall it was an average dish, and is best to avoid it.

•Smoked Chilly Prawns-
The way it was presented was astonishing, it came in a fire lighted cookware, and was served with a lot of chillies, but there was no smokiness. Prawns were succulent and fresh, but they didn't have that chilly flavour which was expected, overall it was just okayish.

•Corn Creme- they were cuboid extremely soft fried fingers. They were so delicate that they broke if you didn't pick them up gently. It was a signature dish of the restaurant and they did justice to it. It was served with soya and garlic sauce which was stunning and i loved how it made corn creme taste even better. The beauty of that it is prepared out of just one ingredient that is corn, the texture and the tenderness of the dish took me by surprise. Highly Recommended.

•Gin Chicken-
Highly Recommended, Gin chicken was simply amazing. These are chicken balls, crispy on the outside, soft and juicy inside.
Served with coriander sauce which takes this dish to another level. Have it with little bit of a soy sauce, and thank me later.

#For the main course we ordered-

•Shanghai Chicken-
It also came in a fire lighted cookware, the flavours of this dish were on point, the it was cooked perfectly. Had it with Veg Teppan Noodles which made it drool worthy.

•Butter Chilli Garlic Prawns-
Okaish dish, nothing special about it. Prawns were tossed in butter but didn't have a chilli flavour. Its better to avoid it.

•Black Olive Fish-
I am not a fan of fish, but this dish totally mesmerised me. It was properly cooked and was full of flavours. Recommended for all the fish lovers out there.

•Vegetable Teppan Noodles- Remarkably good. This place mastered in delivering perfect Chinese food. Noodles were the highlight of the day.

•Select Vegetables Yellow Bean Stir Fry- this dish was average.

•Kung pao potatoes with okra: LOVE. It was a combination of 2 ingredients ie ladyfingers and potatoes. The herbs and spices were so different and astounding. I literally cleared the plate in 5 minutes. It was so good. a MUST try.

CHINA GARDEN SIGNATURE CARAMEL CUSTARD: No better ending possible. So gooey and tasty. A perfect dessert but it was just a little sweet for me. Otherwise the caramel flavour was so fine.



Gurgaon has tons and tons of restaurants and food joints and it is very hard to Stand out in such a huge crowd. You can spend loads of money on your decor and crockery but the main attraction is Food. Nobody will disagree if I say we all need good food and then a good ambiance. This place Pinjra provides both. A small, cute little place located in sector 57 is a hidden gem. They opened their gates on 2nd April and they've been doing pretty well since then. The orders are flowing in and they have customers coming to the outlet to eat as well.

Their decor is pretty and amazing. Lovely wall hangings and paintings. The color of the wall is soothing and the entire feel of the restaurant is peaceful and calm.

Coming to their menu. They have a huge menu and they are still adding some stuffs in it. Quite a lot of options for both Vegetarians and non vegetarians. Their pricing is pocket friendly and the quantity is even better. They focus on north Indian food and indianized Chinese food and that's their plus point. I personally feel that a menu focusing on less Things is precised and gets more audience.

The food we had :-

Non veg tikka Platter :-

This one had Chicken tikka, lehsuni Chicken tikka, Malai Chicken tikka and Chicken tangdi

A Platter made in heaven. This droolworthy Platter was a perfect blend of ambrosial flavors and spices. All the Chicken pieces were juicy and succulent and had brilliant flavors. My favourite out of these was the Lehsuni one. It was different and delish. A Platter is what you should try here because you get to eat deliciousness all the way.

Honey Chilli Potato
It's not easy to make a good plate of honey chilli potato but these guys nailed it completely. The flavors were on point and with every bite we fell more in love with this dish. My favourite starter and this one too Didn't disappoint me at all. Full marks.

Chicken Spring Rolls
They were the yummiest spring rolls I've eaten since a very long time. Lovely and crispy cover and juicy vegetables and Chicken chunks on the inside. This was served with a delectable salsa/sauce which provided the kick these spring rolls needed.

For main course we ordered
Chicken Chatkarra, Paneer Taka Tak and Mutton Korma with mirchi parantha, Kakori parantha and butter naan.

Too much? Naaa

So the Chicken Chatkarra was to die for. It was so delicious and amazing I can't even write it. The pieces were tender and had the flavors deep inside them. The gravy was thick and delish. Something on the spicy yet not too spicy side but a dish worth every bite. *licks the fingers*

Paneer Taka Tak was oh so heavenly. I wanted to eat the entire dish BT myself and not share with anyone else because it so perfect. "Khata Meetha" is how we can describe it. But not too sweet. It had such a different taste. I would like to congratulate the chef for making this amazing dish and nailing it so well. I am Going to go back and order this again. Highlyrecommended.

Mutton Korma was recommended by the staff and we definitely loved it. The Mutton pieces were succulent and the gravy it had was so delightful. I am so glad they recommended this dish to me. I think one should consider the fact that these people are so new in the food industry but they've made food like they are professionals which shows their work ethics. I will again recommend this one to all the Mutton lovers.

Along with these the mirchi and kakori parantha and the butter naan was savoured by us and we just loved them. Especially the Kakori parantha. I mean what was that? How can a parantha be so tasty? Unbelievable but true. Don't miss out on the two above mentioned paranthas because only then will you enjoy the food here.

In the end we had gulaab jamuns which were super yummy and droolworthy.

In the end I just want to say that they have impressed me to a level where I am already planning to go back or order soon and eat their food again. I am craving for their food. It's not something that usually happens and so I know that whatever I had here has definitely stolen my heart. Good luck to you guys. Keep up the brilliant work.

Saturday, 23 April 2016


Ordered some delectable food from China Chowk for dinner. Their food was delicious and clean. The packaging was brilliant. Nothing was spilling out not even the gravy dishes. Everything was intact and fresh. The quantity was amazing. With the price you pay, the quantity is apt or even better. I will order their food again and why? Because of the quantity and quality they serve with a minimal pricing. 

Coming to the things I ordered :- 

Sliced Chicken and Peppers in Beijing Style 
This was a starter and was very yummy. The Chicken pieces had that flavor which is usually found in typical Chinese food. They called it Beijing Style and yes it was perfect in that way. A little different from the indianized version that we usually eat and is focusing more on the authentic Chinese food, so if you want to experience with your taste buds you should definitely try it. I completely loved it and will have it again for sure. 

Crispy Fried Chicken with Burnt Chillies 
Ok, this was so droolworthy I can't even tell you. The cute little Chicken pieces and the burnt flavour of the Chillies mixed together to make a delicious dish. This starter is a must if you order from this place. Full marks for this one. 

Chicken Szechwan and Chilli Chicken 
Two main course gravy dishes. Chicken Szechwan was amazing. The gravy was brilliant and so were the Chicken pieces. The spices and the entire flavor of this dish was awesome. Chilli Chicken was obviously marvellous. They completely nailed this dish and had some too good flavors. It's impossible to make a perfect chilli Chicken but these guys did it and I loved it and my Family too loved it. 

We also had B3 fried rice and Chilli Garlic Noodles. These two were light, fresh and delish. Especially the Noodles because they were so ambrosial. The rice too was perfect. 
They were complimenting the entire dinner so nicely

All in all I had a great time eating from this place. It's a place from where you can order good Chinese food and then drool over it after eating and order again


Boombox Cafe, Gurgaon is known for its music based theme and how quirky it looks. The one which is located in Gurgaon is no less. It's a huge restaurant with Beautiful lights and a really amazing decor. It took me more than 5 minutes to notice each and every bit of their decor and it was truly a sight that amazed me. 

To begin with, we had few drinks :- 

Margarita, Bloody Mary, special shots and sex on the beach. 

Bloody Mary is my all time favourite drink and this one too didn't disappoint me at all. Love it's tanginess and all the things were mixed perfectly to make a drink this good. 

Sex on the beach was my Favourite out of all these. It was so nice and not at all sour. I don't like sour drinks and that's why this one was my favourite and of course it looked super cute too. Gave me the feeling of being on the beach and just chilling. 

Margarita was the frozen one and had lemon flavour which was so delicious. I completely loved how beautiful it looked. 

All the drinks I had here were yummy and on point. 

Coming to the Food we had :- 

Roast Chicken Salad. 
This one was a delight to my tummy. Very fresh, juicy and delish. A salad should always be the first thing you eat whenever you go to any restaurant. Luckily they served a gorgeous salad to me and made my day.

Chicken tikka spring rolls. 

These spring rolls were very heavenly and gooey. One bite into these and you go to some other planet. Very yummy and highlyrecommended by me. 

Chicken Tikka 
Everyone loves Chicken tikka and so do I. This one was very yummy and was presented very nicely. The Chicken pieces were succulent and delicious. A dish you definitely cannot miss here. 

I also Ordered French fries along with all of this. These fries were perfect and yummy.

Coming to the main course :

Butter chicken with Naan 

This butter Chicken was super tasty and so heavenly I can't even tell you. The pieces were succulent and juicy and the gravy had penetrated even inside the pieces giving that extra zing this dish needed. Very brilliant dish.

Finally we had was the Desi Chicken Pizza which was oh so awesome. This pizza was not at all authentic but like the name says desi, it was indeed desi and completely justified it's name. The flavors and spices were on point and this is a pizza I might order again whenever I go back to boombox. 

We had Chicken Mezze Platter which was ultimate. You don't expect a normal restaurant to serve such wonderful Lebanese food but at boombox they did surprise me with the flavors and the perfection this dish had. I am a huge huge hugeee Lebanese Cuisine fan and thankgod boombox didn't disappoint me at all. Full marks for this one. 

In the end we had Brownie with Icecream. A combination I've been eating since so long but never got bored. Here, the Brownie was gooey and had a really nice taste. Loved this dessert.