Monday, 18 April 2016


Farzi Cafe was on my list from the last few months and finally I had the opportunity to visit this awesome place. I've heard so much about it and it all came true and made me so happy. Being one of the most talked about place in Gurgaon this cafe has the perfect aura to be famous and it does serve amazing food. 

The decor and ambiance of this place is mesmerising at many levels. First of all it's very spacious and has loads of seats and so it can have many guests at once. I went during the lunch our and I was not surprised to see it was jam packed. But still, I had my own privacy and didn't feel claustrophobic or anything. I love the decor way too much and would give them extra marks for maintaining the restaurant so beautifully. 

Coming to our drinks, we had Vodka based cocktails which had wine, vodka, cranberry juice and what not. The other drink had apple and a little molecular gastronomy going on too. Really delicious drinks and the presentation did not bring down the taste at all. 

Coming to the Food we had :- 

Bhelpuri Chaat which had a separate Masala which stayed on for so long and didn't make the Chaat soggy or tasteless. Seriously they made the chaat so well, I can't even express it. Oh so delicious and just like the street vendors and even better. Presented in a very nice manner. 

Then we had Dal Chawal Arincini which was something suggested by the staff. We were a little hesitant about "dal chawal" but the moment we dig in we realised how brilliant it was. A beautiful way to make this historical dish into a modern day restaurant quality dish. Kudos to the chef for making it so well. Full marks for this one. 

Then we had, chilli Potato samosas. Two of my favourite things together and I was so happy happy happy. 
These cute little samosas looked so awesome and tasted even better. I mean they tasted completely like chilli potatoes. Quite spicy and chilli but I loved it. 

We also had Chicken Quesadillas. This one has juicy, succulent and gooey Chicken with a very tangy dip. Perfect appetiser for people who wants something tangy and tasty. 

Then we had, juicy prawns with a yummy foam on it which added such a nice flavor to it. The prawns were cooked to perfection and this was genuinely my favourite appetiser of all. 

Then we had tangdi Chicken which was a yummy starter. Had some really great flavors and is quite heavy too. 

Coming to the main course, I had 

Chicken Bhuna Masala and butter naan 

A very heavenly and tasty dish which was served in a quirky manner. Again a very simple and delectable dish but very hard to nail it. The chef has done a brilliant job with this dish because with every bite I fell more in love with it. Some really delish flavors and spices and the entire blend of these with succulent Chicken pieces just completed the whole experience. Highlyrecommended. 

Then we had Chicken Chettinad with yellow rice. A very nice dish. Had those south Indian flavors and was wonderful. 

The last dish we had was Spaghetti with Goan curry. Everyone who loved the aroma of sea food should Surely eat this dish because the moment we received this dish it filled the entire space with its aroma. The Spaghetti was cooked perfectly and the curry over it was super Delicious. 

Coming to the desserts, we obviously had to try their two very famous desserts. 

Parle G Cheesecake and Milky Way. Both of these were quite impressive. I had a little more expectations from the desserts but they were unable to deliver that to me. But nonetheless their desserts are different, delicious and worth trying. 

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