Monday, 18 April 2016


C'est La vie means to let go of things which are affecting you. And this place completely justifies it's name. 

First of all it's Decor is unbelievably gorgeous and mesmerised me to an extent where I wanted to just sit and stare at the hand written and decorated walls and the Beautiful lightings. 

Coming to the Food I had. The menu was limited but the food here was really good. 

To begin with, I had Cold Coffee and Grilled Chicken with baby spinach. The coffee was so perfect and so delectable. The coffee flavour was on point. The salad was amazing and fresh and yummy. The Chicken pieces were so juicy and so flavourful. Perfect and delish.

Then we had Tuna Sandwich and Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella sandwich which was oh so amazing. Especially the tuna sandwich was so perfectly made and was so droolworthy. The tuna filling was fresh and so yummy and juicy. 
Coming to the second sandwich, it was fresh and the mozzarella was so yummy. I loved the freshness both the sandwiches provided. Highlyrecommended. 

Then we Ordered Penne Arrabbiata with delicious chunks of Chicken. They served a really tasty Pasta and I completely loved it. 

They've got Various kinds of pasta but I had only this one and it was oh so yummy. Surely try it if you go here. 

This place is perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch or a quite Saturday dinner where you can just chill and enjoy with your loved ones. 

I am definitely going back and eat here.

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