Friday, 22 April 2016


Food trucks are a way to show how India has become modern and now eating by the road is not considered wrong but rather its the new trend that is slowly taking pace and is going to be a big deal.

I visited something saucy a few days back with my sister to just chill and eat some good food. It's a Food Truck known for its delicious food and very quick service. They were parked near sector 29, Gurgaon and i had a really good experience with these guys. 

First of all their food is not pricey at all and secondly the quantity is more than enough for two people. A very to the point menu and the food is nothing too fancy which in fact is a plus point for them. 

Coming to the things I had here :-

Drinks :-

Green Apple Soda and Watermelon Cooler. These two were so fresh and yummy and I thoroughly enjoyed drinking them. You should definitely order these while indulging into their food items because they will provide the zing to everything you'll eat.

Mexican Chicken Salad

Well, this was my favourite out of all that I had. Super delectable and yummy. Enjoyed eating this way too much. The vegetables inside it was fresh and juicy and crunchy too. The Mexican twist was definitely there and the Chicken pieces inside it were awesome and succulent. I'd recommend it to everyone.

Fish and Chips

I am a fan of fish and chips and this one didn't disappoint me at all. The fish was tender and perfectly Cooked too. Their presentation is amazing and this particular dish looked so gorgeous and appealing to the eye. Full marks for this one.


I had the best skewers here and I can't stop drooling over them. Their skewers was so juicy and so tender and the quantity is more than enough for one person. You cannot miss this dish at any cost. Highlyrecommended.

White Sauce Pasta

Their white sauce pasta is so droolworthy and heavenly with some really yummy flavors. They make a really nice pasta and the quantity is way too much and the quality is quite high as compared to the minimal pricing. I was so full but I still couldn't stop myself from finishing the entire box. Going back soon to eat this again.

I missed their dessert because I was so super full but I completely enjoyed eating all the yummy things I ate here. I am Surely going back to eat more.
Going to be their ardent supporter now.

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