Friday, 15 April 2016


Ricos is like a dream place for every Delhi University student. Why? Because it's easy on the pocket, serves brilliant food with great quality and quantity and has a beautiful ambiance. It was my first visit here and I am so happy that I finally visited this awesome place. 

In drinks we ordered :- 

Red Velvet Shake which was even better than expected. Very droolworthy and delicious. Something that's new, innovative and tastes like heaven. 

Berry Blast Smoothie. This one was oh so tasty with the flavors of Yoghurt, berries and was icy cold. Very good options for the people who are health conscious. 

Then we had BBC :- Blue berry Cheesecake shake. 
Whaaat? Oh yea you heard me! 
This Oh So Delectable shake was something we ordered by chance and were unable to stop ourselves from finishing it once we took a sip. A drink not to be missed for sure. 

And lastly we had peach Ice Tea which was fresh, tasty and perfect for the summers. 

The food that we ordered here was :- 

Thank God it's Fries 
A dish which was all about potatoes. Not to be consumed by gym goers because they will have to work out for 3 hours straight and others like me should dig in as soon as possible. It was so yum and so tasty. It had potato wedges, corn and cheese bites and fries with a really yummy dip. I'd surely recommend it to everyone. 

Then we had, Lebanese Chicken surprise Panini which was a very beautiful looking and very tasty dish. I am a panini fan so I completely adored this dish. 
My Friend tried this for the first time and even she loved it. Highlyrecommended. 

Finally we had the highlight of our lunch I.e. Chicken Lasagna. To be honest, I've never eaten such a delish Lasagna at any cafe ever. The taste, the flavors, the spices and the perfection in cooking was seen and tasted by us and we were unable to stop ourselves from drooling over the it. 
I will Surely advice everyone to try their Lasagna the next time you go here and thank me later. 

Ricos Classic Pizza 

Their classic pizza was very tasty. They serve thin crust pizza and the pizza was very delightful. The size is more than enough for two people and all the flavors were on point. Somehow I miss the pizza already. 

For dessert we ordered Black Forest Relish Waffles. First of all the their presentation is so good that you can stare at the waffles for 5minutes. They were heavenly and droolworthy. The syrup was awesome and the entire dessert won over our hearts. 

Ricos is my new favourite and I will be going back here for the Lasagna and the waffles.

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