Friday, 22 April 2016


MITK aims at breaking the norms which have existed since forever. The name itself questions the society and says why only women are related to the kitchen? Why can't men cook.

And on another level it breaks one more convention that, this restaurant speciality is Mughlai cuisine but the interior is English. Why confine one cuisine to one type of environment.
As soon as you enter the restaurant you will be amazed, that how beautifully this restaurant has been done. The colour combination and the lighting went well together and it provided a very soothing view to the eye and made the whole eating affair even more enjoyable. The cool blue ,white and grey makes the place so appealing and 
The place is spacious and can easily cater around 35-40 people and is on the first floor.

Staff was highly skillful and managed their customer well and they were very friendly and approachable.
They have a huge menu with loads of options to choose from.

In drinks we had:-

Oreo shake 

The shake was presented in a mason jar and the quantity was pretty good. It was smooth and yummy. I drank it with relish.

MOKSHA ("Watermelon drink") 

 This drink had fresh watermelon juice and blueberry syrup in it and it tasted pretty good. All the watermelon fans- you are gonna love it. I felt 

invigorating after having it.

For starters we ordered:-

Dahi dudhi kebabs 

 These were the kebabs for which any vegan can get crazy for. They were so crunchy and tender at the same time as soon as you put them in mouth, it just vanish.
A must have dish if you are visiting them.

Zaituni murg burra 

 This dish was suggested by the staff, and it was a fusion between Indian and Continental cuisine, and was really mouth-watering. The dish was surprisingly delightful and flavourful and the chicken was succulent. And the seasoning was on the point.

Veg spring rolls

 spring rolls were crispy on the outside and were not oily at all, served with a hot and sweet sauce, which made the combination mouth-watering.

For the main course we ordered:-

Dal Mitk 

Dal makhni had perfect flavour and was really delectable and the quantity was really good. RECOMMEND : the dal was creamy and lip smacking.

Lehaooni Palak Paneer 

 Was average. It was just a little low on spices for me as i love spicy food. But again it was seasoned well and you might like it.

Barni ka kukkad 

This dish was again suggested by the staff, and we didn't regret ordering it and neither will you. It was a combination of perfect spices and soft chicken, which made the dish drool worthy. Quantity was so good that we were not able to finish it and we had to get it packed. And the presentation on the top was so amazing.

Garlic naan - Garlic naan was crispy and thin and tasted perfect
Olive chilli naan - okayish too much flavour for a bread. Couldn't accompany it with any dish as it had too much taste of its own.


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