Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Lub Lub Lebanese, a place started by 5 friends which serves Lebanese food. They have a limited menu but all the things on their menu is served fresh. They are the only restaurant which has an open kitchen in Baani Square. So, you can see what they are making for you and how the food is being prepared. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and their service is quite quick. 

Me and my sister visited this place and ordered two drinks :- 

Even if I call these two drinks fresh, then also I am not showcasing their real freshness. These drinks were utterly delicious and nutritious and FRESH. The flavors infused within the drinks were mesmerising. Quantity and quality both were amazing and especially their TWISAD is something you cannot miss. Highlyrecommended 

Then we ordered two salads :- Fattoush and Chicken salad. 

Lebanese Cuisine is known for its freshness and juicy flavors. The Fattoush is actually my favourite salad and these guys slayed it. It was so delicious and so yummy that I was unable to stop myself from finishing it completely. Every single thing inside my salad was crisp and perfect. 

Coming to the Chicken salad. Well, I can't even describe it in words. But I'll tryyyy. 
Their Chicken was Smokey, juicy, delectable and heavenly. One bite into this salad and you'll forget the outside world. I was so satisfied and so happy after eating this salad that I can't even tell you. So much of freshness and some awesome flavors were infused together to make this salad so amazing. You should not miss this salad for anything. I am Going back to have it again. 

After these yummy salads, we had a lamb Shawarma Platter and a paneer Shawarma. They call themselves "king of shawarmas" and yes, they truly justify their tag line. 

Our lamb Platter came first and bowled us. Their lamb was so soft and so gooey with some delicious hummus and other Lebanese dips to compliment everything on the Platter. Their lamb Shawarma is the most Famous and now we know why. I saw how my Shawarma was made and I would suggest you people to order a Platter only because the dips are quite important to provide a zing to the Shawarmas. 

Our paneer Shawarma was equally delightful. The Vegetarians who will read my review should know that you will also satiate your taste buds here because they've got this droolworthy Shawarma for you people. 

Let me make a confession here :- These were the best Shawarmas I have ever had. 
They were so good I could literally cry. 

They are not too pricey and one can spend money here because their food is beyond amazing. 

Keep up the good work. 

Go to Lub Lub Lebanese and try their food and you'll understand what brilliance is.

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