Friday, 30 September 2016

Delicious Vegetarian Menu at Guppy

Delicious Vegetarian Menu at Guppy from 1-10 October

Navratra Special

Enjoy a 10 day vegetarian detox menu starting at Guppy from Oct 1st to 10th

Braised Shiitake Uramaki, Cheese and Vegetable Krokke, Lotus Root and Tofu Hasamiage Tempura, Grilled Portobello Steak, Okonomiyaki and more. 

Who said Japanese food is only about seafood! #HealthyYetDelicious

Presenting their wide menu 

Snow Peas, Bean, Corn Kernels and Kikurage Mushroom Salad (v)                   350
Served with sesame dressing and crushed walnuts
Rice Paper Vegetable Roll                                                                                            350
Shredded vegetables and lettuce, wrapped in rice paper, served with yuzu kosho sesame sauce
Lotus Root and Tofu Hasamiage Tempura                                                                400
Lotus root and tofu sandwich tempura served with warm dashi and spicy mayo
Cheese and Vegetable Krokke                                                                                     400
Cream, Gruyere cheese and assorted seasonal vegetables croquette served with spicy mayo and tonkatsu.
Braised Shiitake Uramaki                                                                                             650
Soy dashi braised Japanese shitake, cucumber and tempura fritters
Smoked Tomato and Cheese Roll (v)                                                                         650
Oven dried tomato, ooba pesto, and cucumber
Okonomiyaki                                                                                                                   500
Japanese “as you like it” mini pancakes topped with sriracha mayo, tonkatsu and nori dust
Parchment Baked Exotic Seasonal Vegetable                                                          700 
Seasonal vegetable wrapped in parchment paper pouch, baked and served with yuzu soy glaze and tobanjan sauce.
Grilled Portobello Steak                                                                                                 700
Pan grilled Portobello served with tossed vegetables and miso sauce
Chocolate Fondue                                                                                                           400
Warm chocolate truffle with assorted cake sponge, marshmallow and exotic fruits.

So now you can have your favorite japanese food even during navratras. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


 Another place to add to your ‘must visit places in Mumbai’. Upstairs is a newly opened Pan Asian Bistro, located right next to sardar pav bhaji, with an amazingly soothing ambience, great music, delicious pan-asian cuisine and an amazing drinks experience! We went for the launch of this place and instant fell in love with the interiors and the great vibes we got from the place! We absolutely loved the outside sitting section. The monsoons, dim lights, music makes it perfect for a night to chill with friends. The set up is East Asian with Buddha statues, lanterns, trees and so on!
Since it was the launch party, the place was buzzing with drinks! They have some amazingly delicious shots and cocktails! They also have this amazing thing where they’ve divided the bar menu in different categories. Every category has a certain price for drink number 1, and the price keeps reducing as the number of drinks increases! Awesome, isn’t it?
We couldn’t resist from trying out most of their drinks! The cocktails we had were:
Thai street, which is basically Bunta soda, with a Thai twist! It is a gin based cocktail which tastes a lot like the original bunta soda!
Water pipe, is a hippie style cocktail which is refreshing and vibrant! It is served in a way where you could smoke it too! Woah! Loved it!
Upside down was my favorite cocktail of the night. Its more of a handy drink which is best suited for the dance floor, especially after a lot of drinking (if you know what I mean). It is filled with herbal notes of coriander infused with Gin aand fruity dominance of Strawberry. You should definitely have it if you like fruity and sweet flavored cocktails like me! It won’t disappoint you!
The Larntern was another cocktail we tried which is a concoction of whiskey, cranberry and mint with cinnamon to enhance it. Since I’m not a cinnamon fan, didn’t really enjoy it that much!
Coming to shots, first of all, they have some really tasty and unique variety of shots out there.
Best one first, Upstairs infinity is a must have shot! Just two shots of this one, and you are set for the night! When you place an order for this one, the bartender after making it for you makes you first sniff the smell thrice, then you take the shot. But that’s not it, the Bartender then proceeds to give you a circular ride on the bar stool! Sounds crazy, right? Totally worth it!
Other shots we had were, Karai shots, which is a basic vodka shot, with a kick of jalapeño! Hint of jalapeño takes away the pungent taste of vodka and adds the jalapeño flavor to it!
Chai-Yo shots, which is a fruity shot with green tea infused in it, acts as a perfect palette cleanser! Chai-Yo Shot = Tasty!!!

Coming to food, there was not a single dish that we didn’t like! Everything was totally appetizing!
We started with the som tom salad, and all I can say about it is that it was simply irresistible! It is a traditional Thai raw papaya salad, mingling with sweet spicy and sour flavors! Once we had it, we just wanted more! The taste of green chillies and papaya together, a little sweet, a little sour and a little spicy! Delectable!
Cottage Cheese Chilli Pepper, which is cottage cheese pieces with dried red chilles and back pepper! With the ingredients and the name we expected it to be spicy, but it was moderately spicy and very tasty!
Next was vegetable murtabak! This is an Indo-Muslim specialty from Malaysia, which is like a pancake stuffed with Asian flavored veggies. It looked like pieces of stuffed parathas. As soon as you take its first bite, you will fall in love with it. So flavorsome and tasty. It is served with a homemade sauce called sambal, which is cheesy and goes perfectly with the dish!
We also tried their honey chilli lamb, which is roasted lamb tossed in honey and mild bird chillies! The lamb was soft and succulent! Sweetness of honey with spice and everything nice!
We tried their veg and chicken dimsums both. Veg crystal dimsums are filled with crunchy green veggies and water chestnut. It was good, but nothing extraordinary. However, chicken coriander dimsums, filled with minced chicken and coriander were a delight especially with the delicious spicy red chilly chutney served with it!
For mains, we had,
Asian stir-fry, chicken cubes wok tossed in herbs, spiced with chilli and a tender flavor of basil. Just like the typical stir-fry we usually have. We paired it with Jasmine burnt garlic rice, which was flavorsome and rich in taste!

We also tried Jasmine burnt garlic rice with their Malaysian Curry, which is classic Malaysian fragnant curry with flavors of Asian spices and herbs with Asian vegetables in it! Malaysian curry was Oh-so-yummy and a must have!
Next was Mee Gorang, which is Indonesian style noodles, served with curry like Malaysian curry with a coconut base and veggies!

Our sweet-tooth called for some desserts! And when in an Asian restaurant, Crispy honey noodles are a must have! We had their crispy honey noodles which are glazed in sesame and served with vanilla and coconut ice-cream! The chef did justice with the dessert and it tasted great, especially with Coconut ice-cream!
We also tried their day special, red velvet cheese cake, which was every foodie’s delight! Pleasantly sweet, creamy and yummy !!

Overall, I would say it is a place which is definitely worth paying a visit too! You will have a great date night, or a great Saturday night with your friends and will surely leave happy and satisfied!


Chinese Moon Festival @ Pan Asian, ITC Maratha

The restaurants of the ITC Hotels are rated among the best restaurants in Mumbai. ITC Maratha, located very close to the International airport, houses 5 award-winning restaurants! Right from Mughalai Cuisine, to South-Indian Cuisine to Asian cuisine, they have these incredible restaurants located under one roof!
One of these restaurants is Pan Asian, which is among the top 10 restaurants in Mumbai. This wonderful restaurant features delectable cuisines from China, Thailand, Mongolia, Korea and Japan prepared before you by master chefs, making Pan Asian a one-stop destination for Asian food lovers, in Mumbai.
As soon as you enter the restaurant, you realize that the overall effect of this restaurant is reminiscent of a classic and elite restaurant in China! The warm colors, dim lighting and attentive service, reflect the spirit of East and South East Asia with Chinese paper lamps and Japanese urns and bamboos.

The open-kitchen setting is something that we really liked, with wok-stations and barbeque, giving us a chance to witness creative ways fresh and exotic ingredients were being combined, and view the flames and steam and tossing in the kitchen. The aroma engulfs the restaurant every time they stir fry the ingredients in their mouthwatering sauces.
So we visited Pan Asian for their Chinese Moon Festival. Chinese Moon Festival is one of the grandest festivals celebrated in China during mid-autumn. It falls on the 15th Day of the 8th Month. On the festival day, family members gather to celebrate, appreciate the bright full moon, eat moon cakes, and express strong yearnings toward family members and friends who live afar!
So they had a specially curated menu for the Moon Festival celebration. Even though there was a set menu for the Moon Festival, Chef Liang, who led the dinner hosted for us, came and sat with us, getting to know our food preferences and explaining the significance of the Moon Festival in China, and how is it celebrated. 

For starters we were served:
Tofu in black pepper: Not a big fan of tofu, yet thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The tofu was soft, silky and would melt in the mouth! Cooked in black bean sauce, it was absolutely scrumptious!
Crystal Vegetable Dumplings: Dumplings loaded with flavorsome Chinese vegetables, steamed to perfection! Since I am an ardent carnivore, I always prefer non-vegetarian dumplings, but these was absolutely impeccable!
Pan fried lamb dumplings: Dumplings filled with minced lamb, pan fried, were simply palatable, served with sweet and chili garlic sauce which is usually served with dumplings! Perfect combination of flavors!
The soup we were served, Asian soul soup, was quite soothing. Filled with vegetables, the flavors in the clear soup blended in perfectly! It is everything you need on a gloomy day!

Coming to mains:
We started off with fried rice with lettuce, spring onions and crispy garlic. The aroma, the freshness and the quality of fried rice was sheer perfection!
Pan fried pomfret with black bean sauce, was hands down the best pomfret ever! The fish was soft and succulent, covered in black bean sauce, which made it irresistible from the aroma and the first bite itself!

Stir fried okra with baby potatoes in chili bean sauce was utterly delicious! Never thought that okra with potatoes could taste so good! The chili bean sauce was so flavorsome that it made the dish a complete winner!

Pan fried noodles with exotic vegetables like baby corn, lettuce, capsicum, spring onions, avocados and mushroom, tossed in delectable sauces, cooked in mandarin style were oh-so drool-worthy

Gung bao chicken had excellent flavors, tossed in a reddish sauce, with a hint of sweetness and flavors of garlic, garnished with cashews, was a treat to our tastebuds!

Hand-pulled noodles, were certainly the winner that night. These hand-pulled noodles freshly prepared by Chef Wang, is a very special dish at Pan Asian! Unlike other noodles, these are not packaged and stored. The chef makes the noodles, with his hands as the order is placed. These noodles are thick and the texture and taste is something you will never find in normal noodles. Every bite you take is a pleasure!

Coming to our Happy Ending – Desserts!
Since we were attending the moon festival, Moon cakes were the highlight of the whole event. Chef Liang, who is from China, told us that every family celebrates the festival by eating moon cakes which consist of a thin, tender pastry skin enveloping a sweet, dense filling, and may contain one or more whole salted egg yolks in their center as the symbol of the full moon.
Depending on the culture and religion, the filling varies. We were served moon-cake with a filling consisting of 5 types of nuts and seeds, coarsely chopped. Commonly used nuts and seeds were used: walnuts, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds, or almonds!
Moon-cakes were served with fresh fruits, sago and ice-cream! The flavors of fruits along with sago was completely refreshing and we just couldn’t stop till the dessert was over!

What sets this place apart from other Asian restaurants?
It is an elite and fine dining experience, where all the food items are as authentic as they could be! The master chefs do their job extremely well. All their sauces and flavors are from the countries the cuisine belongs to! Authentic and excellent flavors and food from across Asia!
Also, their outstanding service, classic interiors, exemplary hospitality and impeccable food and cuisines, makes it a place every Asian food fanatic must visit, in Mumbai!


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Idyllic in Italy @JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity

K3 brings the traditional Sicilian Sunday Brunch which promises to transport you to the Mediterranean Savour authentic creations, crafted lovingly from age old recipes for a true Italian feast. The Sicilian Sunday theme brunch is at it's all day dining restaurant K3 for the months of September and October.
Chef Vincenzo has crafted the menu from the age old Italian recipes to transport you to the Mediterranean.

K3 is a magical looking restaurant serving some brilliantly yummy food and we tried a lot of things. 
Read below to know more :-

I started with Pasta Con Le Sarde and Red wine Sangria. The pasta was cooked in Saffron and nuts, and was very pleasant on my palate. The Sangria complemented it beautifully.

Agello con Battuto al Limon -
The lemon scented lamb was cooked to perfection, it was literally melting in my mouth.
Spiedini all Eoliana -
The Mediterranean seafood skewers tasted as good as they looked.
Mushroom risotto -
This was made by Chef Vincenzo himself and is one of the best risottos I've had. It was definitely the highlight of my day.
Melanzane Funghetto -
The eggplants sautéed with olives and tomatoes made a flavoursome combination.

Schiacciata alla Messinese -
The crust of the pizza was a little dry but the Lettuce and Anchovies stuffing more than made up for it.

Crocché -
It had a cheesy inside with crispy potato skin.
Panini Cresciuti -
It was a little pizza pocket with delectable flavours.
The buffet also had a North Indian section which had some exquisite flavours. The Ghosht Dum Biryani and the Tandoori chicken were my favourites from the section.
They even had an Indian street food corner to cater to everyone's Chaat and Pav bhaaji cravings.

The third section I visited after the Sicilian and North Indian sections was the Cantonese one.
I had the Orange glazed roasted duck and Dimsums. The duck was juicy and tender but it was the Prawn dimsum that won my heart. The chilly dip along with the Prawn dimsums made a scrumptious pair.

The last and the most inviting section was the dessert bar.
I had the Sicilian Cannoli and the Pear Galette, two of Chef Vincenzo's favourite desserts. The taste did complete justice to the reputation.
I also had other mouth watering desserts like the Strawberry Basil Jelly with Pistachio Cremeux, Milk chocolate bavorise with Ferrero Rochers, Red velvet cupcakes, Panacota with mixed berry compote, Hazelnut delight.
There wasn't a single dessert that I didn't love.

Overall, team missfoodiediaries had an amazing experience.
 Tkanks to all the chefs of K3 for the wonderful food and their hospitality.



Monday, 19 September 2016

MRP,MUMBAI – Modern Asian Bistro

MRP – Modern Asian Bistro, a games-themed modern Asian bar and bistro that has recently opened its gates in Dadar. The bar is the newest venture by Abhayraj Singh Kohli, who also runs Grandmama’s Cafe next door.
MRP has a retro chic design and a contemporary East-Asian menu. The bar offers a number of house cocktails and a great variety of Asian food!
Every single table there had a dedicated box of games, comprising of spin the bottle, deck of cards, dice, gaming costers, ping pong ball and so on!

We started off with cocktails;
Molecular DSLR, consisting vodka, litchi, lyche, caviar, passion fruit and coconut milk. It was actually served in a DSLR lens, we loved how it was presented. The taste was quite average though!
Feng shui pot consisting of whiskey and fresh apple, presented with cherry bits and flowers, was beautifully presented and tasted great too!

For appetizers we started with:
Soups and salads!
Tom yum soup, the classic soup with MRP twist was a total delight!
Miso dumpling soup with chicken dumplings was delicious too!
We tried their Hoisin duck salad, with pickled cucumbers, thai chilli, pomegranate, peanuts and micro herbs! We loved the salad, the combination of herbs and crunchiness of pomegranate was absolutely scrumptious! Also, the duck was well cooked and was extremely delectable!
Wonton nachos, something innovative and must say, delicious with a perfectly balanced taste! Crispy wontons served with spicy black bean sauce, topped with jalapeño cheese sauce created a burst of flavor!
Since I am a huge fan of dimsums, if they are on the menu, I will definitely order. We ordered chicken basil dimsums but I was disappointed as the dimsums were very sticky and a bit bland too! Passable I would say!
Pulled chicken bao was utterly delectable! Sweet and soft steambuns, filled with daikon, cucumbers, cilantro, lomo-lomo egg, garlic aioli! Comes with a delicious sauce! This was the best dish we had that night! You must definitely try this one!

MRP Mac and cheese, which was an Asian version of Mac and cheese, and was absolutely mouth-watering with thai curry, mozzarella and macaroni ! Very cheesy and yummy!
Oriental pot rice was our next dish which good too. With lots of veggies, and garlic sauce, we enjoyed the dish. Even though the dish was a bit bland, the butter and garlic sauce managed to keep the tastes alive!
Thai green curry with steamed rice is my all time favorite dish, so we tried this one there. Thai curry was authentic with all the thai herbs and spices, with coconut milk base. It was very flavorsome and we thoroughly enjoyed this one with added chicken pieces!

Then we got to the desserts!
We started with the Jenga tower! The Jenga tower was a beautiful concept, coming from our all-time favorite game, obviously Jenga! Gooey dark chocolate brownie blocks shaped like Jenga blocked were stacked on each other just like it is in the same topped with salted caramel, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream. It tasted as good as it looked!

Drunken Chocolate Sundae with caramelized popcorn, pieces of waffles, sponge chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream and pieces of bananas! As tempting as it looked, we wouldn’t call it our favorite dessert of the night!

Our favorite dessert that night was the deconstructed cheesecake! It was nothing like the normal cheese cake but something much more creamy, gooey and oh-so-delicious! It was home-made cheesecake ice-cream (Yes, cheesecake ice-cream.. Love!) popping candy crumble, which will instantly take you to your childhood days, meringue and seasonal fruit, we were served mango! Something that you shouldn’t miss out on!

It is a perfect place for your Friday and Saturday night scenes, especially when you are going with a big group of people! With the  variety of games to be played and the amazing cocktails you will surely have a great time!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Ola Prime presents Restaurant Week'2016

Ola Prime presents Restaurant Week powered by John Jacobs (

Cellar Door Hospitality with Ola - India’s most popular mobile app for transportation - today announced the return of Restaurant Week powered by John Jacobs Lifestyle Eyewear. The event will be held from Friday, 16th September to Sunday, 25th September, 2016, simultaneously across Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune featuring 110+ of the country’s finest restaurants. Reservations will go live on Friday, 9th of September at 12 noon for Ola Prime customers and general reservations will go live on Monday, 12th of September at 12 noon. 

Ola Prime, the presenting sponsor for Restaurant Week, is Ola’s premium offering and the only Wi-Fi enabled cab in India. Top rated driver-partners, quality sedans and complimentary auto-connect Wi-Fi, among other features, makes Ola Prime the perfect choice of travel for discerning food enthusiasts visiting Restaurant week.
As a result of the association with Ola, all Restaurant Week diners will receive complimentary Ola rides to and from their meals in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. In addition to this, all Ola Prime Customers in all participating cities will get be given exclusive booking access 3 days in advance to when general reservations go live and a waiver on the INR 60 per diner booking fee. 

List of Participating Restaurants:
*Denotes NEW restaurants


1.      A Ta Maison, Sunder Nagar
2.      Artusi Ristorante e Bar, GK2
3.      Baluchi, The Lalit New Delhi
4.      Chi Ni, Dusit Devarana New Delhi*
5.      Dakshin, Sheraton New Delhi Hotel
6.      DEL, Roseate House, New Delhi*
7.      DIVA - The Italian Restaurant, GK 2
8.      Diya, The Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences*
9.      Dum Pukht, ITC Maurya
10.   eau de Monsoon, Le Méridien New Delhi
11.     Ek Bar, Defence Colony
12.     Guppy by Ai, Lodhi Colony
13.     Kiyan, Dusit Devarana New Delhi
14.     Neung Roi, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi
15.     Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mehrauli
16.     Pan Asian, Sheraton New Delhi Hotel
17.     Royal China, Nehru Place
18.     Sakura, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa
19.     The Grill Room, The Lalit New Delhi
20.     Tian, ITC Maurya
21.     Tres, Lodhi Road
22.     Wildfire, Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon
23.     Yauatcha, Vasant Kunj
24.   Zanotta, The Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences*

In association with the restaurant week, I had gone to cover DIYA, THE LEELA AMBIENCE, GURGAON which was just so lovely. Their restaurant week's menu is pretty awesome with some really nice and signature dishes by the chef. 
The food is north indian here and its oh so delicious. The options are quite wide for the vegetarians and for the non vegetarians too. 

Their desserts are too heavenly and droolworthy. If you are going here, do not miss out on the matka kulfi and their rasmalai. 

 This round of the largest culinary event in India will once again feature Restaurant Week Signature options over and above an extensive hand-picked menu, giving diners the option of experiencing a restaurant’s signature dish at an incremental cost. A three-course prix fixe menu will be offered at INR 1,100 for lunch and INR 1,300 for dinner per diner in Delhi.