Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Arriba - Mexican Grill & Tequileria.

Delhi's first Authentic Mexican restaurant, Arriba is all set to take the capital by storm. It is the combined venture of the owners of Tabula beach cafe & hungry monkey. 

If you're searching for something different, then Arriba is the place that you should definitely give a try. Latin music in background with comfortable seats & really peaceful ambience makes this place perfect. The place have got really positive vibes. 

Staff was also trying their best to make us comfortable and were pampering us in the best way possible. Service was quick too. 5/5 for their service! 

#We started with drinks:- 
•Pineapple Ginger Jalapeño Margaritta And Heaven on earth:- 
Both were their signature cocktails, and they totally nailed it. They were really nice & gave us a good buzz. Highly Recommended. 

•Watermelon agua frescas:- Watermelon is my favourite fruit. So yes when ever i go to a place and i find any watermelon drink, i don't hesitate to order it and actually it was the first thing that i ordered . This watermelon drink was perfectly sweetened and was served chilled. Loved it. Highly Recommend. 

Salsa Carnival:- These were homemade Tortilla chips and was served with 5 salsas- Mango Coriander & Habanero(seasonal), Watermelon Togarashi & Feta, Fresh & Pickled jalapeño, Charred tomatoes & spiced green tomatoes. This was a really nice starter and we really liked it. Personally pickled jalapeño, charred tomatoes & spiced green tomatoes were the best out of all. 

•Chicken Tacos:- Alert! These were the best tacos i ever had! They were just out of this world. You just can't miss these if you are visiting them. Highly Recommend 

•Chicken Panuchos:- These are egg & Black bean stuffed tortillas from Yucatan Mexico, it had a choice of 3 topping we ordered it with chicken topping and trust me it was really delicious. 

•Chicken Tortas:- Tortas are mini Mexican burgers. They were fresh & had soft buns. It had salsa, cheddar, onion & Guacamole. I totally loved them, they had such a nice and different taste than the regular burgers. Highly Recommend. 

•Camaraones Diablos:- This was suggested to us by the staff. This dish is perfect for the people who like challenges because this was spiciest thing i ever had! 
These were shrimps with Chiptole chilly sauce, lime & sour cream. Highly Recommended.

The Arriba Molcajete:-
The plating was breathtaking, had never seen something so beautiful and tempting like this one! It was served in a volcanic stone mortar, with vegetables or meat of your choice. I had it with vegetables and chicken. It had all the exotic veggies such as Roasted jalapeño, red & yellow peppers, sweet corn, mushroom, charred zucchini etc. It was served along with 8-9 salsa dips. I am still drooling over it! Highly Recommended. 

•Sizzling Fajitas:- These were strips of succulent chicken and vegetables which were tossed with in house Mexican spices and was served with soft tortillas and rice along with 5 salsa dips. This was another amazing dish by Arriba. High Recommended. 

Tres Leches Cupcakes:- These were Mexican Sponge cakes they were really soft and had three types of toppings that is blueberry, avocado & mango. 
Blueberry and mango cupcakes were the best i fell in love for them they were really gooey and just melted in mouth. Highly Recommended. 

Overall we had a wonderful experience there. And this place surely deserves 5/5. 
Don't miss this place if you want to experience something new and worth it.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Located in the heart of South Delhi's Heritage zone in the bountiful Asiad Village, 

TabulaBeach 2.0 is a magical escape from the constant cacophony of the city’s hustle

 and bustle. The path to the beach is paved with cobblestones under an archway, 

ending right at the steps of the all new and revamped TabulaBeach 2.0. From lazy 'al

fresco' lunches soaked in acoustic music, to spirited dinners in the evenings 

followed by dancing to some of the most invigorating music, this is a space that 

transitions across various moods and yet, never compromises its hedonistic 

soul. TabulaBeach Cafe may have started as just a simple popup restaurant but 

now TabulaBeach 2.0 has earned its right to being a more permanent and established

 name in New Delhi's restaurant and nightlife scene.

The chefs of the award winning restaurant Ploof (recently shuttered) are the real pirates at TabulaBeach 2.0 and their bounty is full of riches from across the world. In keeping with the essence of the experience that is imparted to every guest that walks in, the food has been seasoned with secret spices with recipes and flavours that cater to a global palette. Kickback with the cheesy goodness of the TabulaBeach Cheese Burger or try and recognise the explosion of flavours that accompany the Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Skewers.

Team MissFoodieDiaries got an opportunity to try out their food and check out how wonderfully they've made it into 2.0

Their menu is quite wide with loads of varieties of dishes for both vegetarians and non vegetarians

 Their service is quick and the quality meets quantity here. The dishes were fresh and very delicious and we rarely could find any flaw. From their gorgeously made thin crust pizza to their lovely sliders, we enjoyed everything throughly. 

A special mention to their khao suey which completely blew us away. Perfectly balanced flavors and by adding burnt garlic and caramalised onions, this khao suey was one of the best we've ever tasted. 

For the sea food lovers, their fish and chips are very appealing and droolworthy. Something you should surely not skip. 

Also their ravioli was very gooey and yum. 
Not up to the mark, but was tasteful and had some really balanced flavors in it. 

The highlight was their oh so heavenly desserts. 

We had most of the desserts in the menu and we are not complaining about even one of them which shows the perfection of their creation. 

All in all, our experience at Tabula Beach Cafe 2.0 was wonderful. A perfect place for friends to chill together or for lovers to have a peaceful and romantic dinner or for the party goers who wants to chill at night and not go home. 

Address The Village Restaurant Complex, Asiad Village, Khel Gaon Marg, New
Delhi 110049
Contact No. 011 33105032, 011 26492896 , +91 9650250099
Meal for 2 – Rs. 2,000 for two people


Wednesday, 20 July 2016



Chatter house located in epicuria which is connected directly to the metro station is one of the most talked about restaurant of the city. These is one more branch located in khan market. 

We visited here for a friends birthday party and we ordered a lot of food and drinks, still the damage was not much. We had a gala time here. The place is huge and got a very good vibe to it. The ambience is again very serene so that you can chit chat with friends and have fun. 

The service was impressive and even the staff was efficient.

THE BREEZY KIT: this was a vodka based drink (house infused stolichnaya with anise) with watermelon and cinnamon. This was ordered by a friend and she really liked it. But personally I didn't it because i am not a cinnamon fan and it had a very prominent flavour of cinnamon in it. 

THE MANGO MISTAKE: I ordered this stolichnaya based cocktail as the combination seemed interesting. The drink tasted likewise. I loved this drink it gave me a good buzz too. RECOMMENDED 

LONG ISLAND ICED COFFEE: yummmy. Mixture of five spirits with cold brew coffee and super cold. Yes we all loved it. All the coffee lovers are gonna love this huge glass of coffee cocktail.

YOUR FIRST WHISKEY: so the names of the cocktails are so cool. This was jim bean whiskey based cocktail with orange and cinnamon. I didn't try it but well the whiskey lovers really liked this one. 

MONKEY VINEYARD: well a wine lover ordered this over sangria because she wanted to try something new but this was not a very palatable drink so we had to leave this and ordered something else. It's best to avoid this one.

THE YORK MINT HURRICANE: it was a tangy, minty, whiskey based drink combined with green tea. It is one of my favourites there now. RECOMMENDED 

DUBLIN ICED COFFEE: this was a very creamy beer based drink and well according to me it had a very strong and tart flavour to it. It can be a little strong for some people. 

VIRGIN MOJITO: served in a very big mason jar this mojito had all the right flavours in right proportion. It was perfect. RECOMMENDED.

ORANGE SUNRISE: this drink looked so pretty as it had ombré texture to it. It was a mixture of orange juice, vanilla ice cream and grenadine. It was a very refreshing and delectable drink. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

VIRGIN COLADA: this drink contained pineapple juice, coconut milk and vanilla ice cream. It was good but a little sweeter for my taste buds. Can be skipped. Because there are so many better options to choose from. 

DAHI KE KABAB: well the texture itself was super inviting and they were served with curd merinated onions and green chutney. To start with, these kababs were the most appetising thing i've ever seen. Hats of to the chef for creating such a bliss, i love these dahi ke kababs. You got to order them HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

ONION RINGS: though they were a little oily but they were super crunchy and flavoursome. I don't like onion rings at every place but they literally nailed it. RECOMMENDED.

BAKED NACHOS: they were on point. Overload with cheese and veggies and salsa and sour cream. Oh my god it was such an amazing burst of flavours in my mouth with all that deliciousness of cheese. Sweet sour cheesy salty chilli crunchy. Idk everything together made such a tasty appetiser. It was exotic veggies and the nachos themselves had a very good flavour. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. We literally ordered 2 more after the first one. 

BRUSCHETTA: had good flavour of garlic and was topped with cherry tomatoes and basil. I liked this one a lot. 

VEG PIZZA:had VEGETARIAN PIZZA AND A MARGARITA. Vegetarian one tasted better than the margarita. Pizza was filling and tasted good.

NON VEG PIZZA: it tasted amazing. A must try. Had generous amount of chicken and cheese.

KEEMA PAO: wallah. Keema was so astounding. And the paos were fresh and soft. Spices were so ideal that We loved it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

BLUE CHEESE NAAN AND DAL MAKHNI SHOTS: so this is one of the signature dishes they serve. We all totally drooled just by the smell that came from this dish. Plus the Presentation was enchanting. The plate has 3 baby naan which had blue cheese and were topped with pineapple chutney served with three shots of dal makhni. So not everyone will like this dish because indian flavours do not have any flavour as strong as blue cheese, and it will require a acquired palate to appreciate this dish. I really love this dish as i love cheese and wine. But a lot of my friends hated it. So think twice before ordering it. Ordering Dal makhni and naan separately might be a better option it you dont like blue cheese. 

BBQ CHICKEN: not that great. Had a lot of scope of improvement. 

CHEESE CAKE::it was so drool worthy. They served it with mango puree on the top. People who don't even like cheese cakes will love it. It was different in a good way. RECOMMENDED 

MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE: served with the ice cream of your choice. We asked it with vanilla ice cream. The chocolate used was of good quality, it tasted heavenly with a huge pool of molten chocolate inside it. 

GOOEY CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH COFFEE ICE CREAM: this gooey cake was everything you want at the end of your meal. It was remarkably gooey and chocolatey and had a very gentle flavour of coffee in the end. The combination of this cake with coffee icecream was outstanding. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



Hyatt Regency, New Delhi is one of the most gorgeous hotels i have been to in Delhi. 
The hospitality is very warm and the staff here is very humble and well addressed about everything. 
It is not easy to maintain and run such big hotels, but without any doubt Hyatt is quite mesmerizing. 

We had gone to La Piazza, their authentic italian resturant and here i will not be talking about every sepecific dish but rather about their hospitality and the food they served to me. 

Their menu is quite wide with some really brilliant things to choose from. 

Their salads are just oh so wonderful and I seriously enjoyed the generous amount of freshness they gave. A meal without salad is surely incomplete.

Coming to the soup they served. It was very aromatic and tasted even better. Lovely flavours and really good ingredients made this soup a hit. 

The main course had a lot of things that made us go gaga over this place even more. 
Their cannelloni is above excellent and you surely can't miss it. Highly recommended. Then their pepperoni pizza is very juicy and delicious. A pizza that again you cannot miss.

Their spaghetti Arrabbiata too was droolworthy and I seriously enjoyed it. 

Coming to their desserts, we had gelatos which were just perfect. And their tiramisu was heavenly which was obviously expected. 

All in all my experience here was so memorable and I am definitely taking my parents here the next time we plan a lunch.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


We were very excited to finally tick this Asian restaurant cum sushi bar Pa Pa Ya off our wish-list. It is a glamorous restaurant and its interiors have a very chic vibe with its dimly lit and edgy interiors. There are a couple of black bars one for some really great sushi and one for cocktails, with molecular mixology flourishes.

It is located on the third floor of Palledium mall in Lower Parel. And though we visited on a weekday, we found the restaurant completely packed. Whenever you are planning to visit, don’t forget to make a reservation.

Their massive menu is a delight and serves dishes from almost all across Asia - Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian dishes and so on.

For drinks the bartender suggested lighthouse and spicy delight to us. Lighthouse is a vodka based cocktail which was served in a cute bulb shaped glass. It is a lemongrass-flavored vodka with right amounts of ginger, pineapple and orange juice, topped with lemongrass-flavored smoke. Spicy delight was indeed delightful. It is a mocktail made of guava juice with a spicy ting. Refreshing! Absolutely loved this one. Both the drinks are extremely tasteful and should be tried at least once. 

To begin with, we were served an amuse-bouche of watermelon in lemongrass and chilli foam, on oyster shells topped with liquid nitrogen fumes. It was delicious!

We started our meal with Sushi. Six kinds of sushis were served to us. Each one of which was unique. Sushi at Pa pa ya is much talked about and it did look irresistible by the way it was presented to us in a ravishing sushi tree. And was it as good as it looked? It was only better! Especially the Tuna and Salmon were a total thumbs up! The flavors were well balanced and the sushi was just perfection. Served with wasabi and soy sauce, it is the finest sushi you will get around here.

Vegetarian lovers, you won’t be disappointed with their tofu sushi. It was very flavorsome and we absolutely loved every bite of it.

We then had their grilled chicken tacos. It is a combination of Japanese and Mexican fusion dish made with Japanese style chicken with Sichuan sauces and served in Mexican style tacos made out of gyoza sheets. The filling in these tacos was absolutely delectable and simply perfect!

Their Hamachi carpaccio, yellow tail slivers were well soused in soy and served with ponzu jelly to enhance its presentation. Totally loved the flavors and the meat was soft and delicious.

We wanted to try their variety of dimsums.

First we ordered Double cooked Savoury White Raddish Dumplings. Was a bit dicey about this at first because I’m not much of a raddish fan, but since it was recommended, we went for it and don’t regret it at all. It was very appetizing and was served with a special sauce that went really well with it. They have different sauces for each dish so that it doesn’t give a generic flavor to any dish.

We also had their Har Gao Green Curry Prawn Farce. These were dumplings stuffed with prawns served with green curry, had a great flavor. The dumplings were steamed to perfection and the thai sauce served with it gave them an extra spice and made them just perfect!

Corn Fed Leg Chicken Sui Mai just took our heart away. It is made with chicken leg piece of chicken, which is only fed corn. It was not very spicy but quite flavorsome. Absolutely scrumptious!

Butayakitori which is pork belly skewers glazed, served in an interesting pig shaped vessel was beautifully presented and was delicious too.

Then arrived the second, mid-meal palate cleanser! Absolutely loved it, a nice fresh citrus flavor with the strong and sharp wasabi. It was so refreshing and actually cleanses you palate! Much needed before the main course!

For main course we had Lamb Rendang Curry. It is slow-cooked for almost 15 hours, and it is hands-down the best rending curry I’ve every had. The meat literally fell off the bones and its thick creamy gravy – one with coconut, cashew nut and brown onions, was a sheer delight and would melt in your mouth. Served with some Roti Prata, similar to lachha parantha, is an Indonesian bread and you just cannot have enough of this combo! We experienced heaven! It is definitely not something that you can miss.

Besides this we also tried, Khao pad kar pao and Veg pad thai ! Both the dishes were scrumptious and the flavors could be tasted with each bite you take!

For dessert we had Chocolate Ball on Fire. It is a grand hollow ball of chocolate which is set on fire with flamed liquor on it. Consequently, the chocolate ball melts and a delicious dessert is unveiled. It consists a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, mixture of brownie, cake, dried fruits, fudge, cheesecake, nuts and chocolate sauce oozing out. Since the liquor taste is a little dominating in some places, they also give extra nuts, chocolate sauce and brownie to balance out the taste! Desserts like these are the reason most diets fail! Must try! From the presentation to the taste, loved every bit!

The cost for a meal at Pa pa ya is not very pocket-friendly, but definitely worth every penny! Pay a visit here and you won’t regret a bit spending here! In fact, you might just fall in love. Like we did!

Are we going to visit again? Hell yeah! And you should too!