Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Arriba - Mexican Grill & Tequileria.

Delhi's first Authentic Mexican restaurant, Arriba is all set to take the capital by storm. It is the combined venture of the owners of Tabula beach cafe & hungry monkey. 

If you're searching for something different, then Arriba is the place that you should definitely give a try. Latin music in background with comfortable seats & really peaceful ambience makes this place perfect. The place have got really positive vibes. 

Staff was also trying their best to make us comfortable and were pampering us in the best way possible. Service was quick too. 5/5 for their service! 

#We started with drinks:- 
•Pineapple Ginger Jalapeño Margaritta And Heaven on earth:- 
Both were their signature cocktails, and they totally nailed it. They were really nice & gave us a good buzz. Highly Recommended. 

•Watermelon agua frescas:- Watermelon is my favourite fruit. So yes when ever i go to a place and i find any watermelon drink, i don't hesitate to order it and actually it was the first thing that i ordered . This watermelon drink was perfectly sweetened and was served chilled. Loved it. Highly Recommend. 

Salsa Carnival:- These were homemade Tortilla chips and was served with 5 salsas- Mango Coriander & Habanero(seasonal), Watermelon Togarashi & Feta, Fresh & Pickled jalapeño, Charred tomatoes & spiced green tomatoes. This was a really nice starter and we really liked it. Personally pickled jalapeño, charred tomatoes & spiced green tomatoes were the best out of all. 

•Chicken Tacos:- Alert! These were the best tacos i ever had! They were just out of this world. You just can't miss these if you are visiting them. Highly Recommend 

•Chicken Panuchos:- These are egg & Black bean stuffed tortillas from Yucatan Mexico, it had a choice of 3 topping we ordered it with chicken topping and trust me it was really delicious. 

•Chicken Tortas:- Tortas are mini Mexican burgers. They were fresh & had soft buns. It had salsa, cheddar, onion & Guacamole. I totally loved them, they had such a nice and different taste than the regular burgers. Highly Recommend. 

•Camaraones Diablos:- This was suggested to us by the staff. This dish is perfect for the people who like challenges because this was spiciest thing i ever had! 
These were shrimps with Chiptole chilly sauce, lime & sour cream. Highly Recommended.

The Arriba Molcajete:-
The plating was breathtaking, had never seen something so beautiful and tempting like this one! It was served in a volcanic stone mortar, with vegetables or meat of your choice. I had it with vegetables and chicken. It had all the exotic veggies such as Roasted jalapeño, red & yellow peppers, sweet corn, mushroom, charred zucchini etc. It was served along with 8-9 salsa dips. I am still drooling over it! Highly Recommended. 

•Sizzling Fajitas:- These were strips of succulent chicken and vegetables which were tossed with in house Mexican spices and was served with soft tortillas and rice along with 5 salsa dips. This was another amazing dish by Arriba. High Recommended. 

Tres Leches Cupcakes:- These were Mexican Sponge cakes they were really soft and had three types of toppings that is blueberry, avocado & mango. 
Blueberry and mango cupcakes were the best i fell in love for them they were really gooey and just melted in mouth. Highly Recommended. 

Overall we had a wonderful experience there. And this place surely deserves 5/5. 
Don't miss this place if you want to experience something new and worth it.


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