Tuesday, 29 March 2016

LOCKUP - A visit that you won't regret

Lock Up, a very quirky and cute restaurant with the theme of a jail I.e. "lockup" and has bars which open and you can go inside and they'll close it. The name and the theme is so apt and that is something Really wonderful.

Coming to the Food And Drinks. 
Their menu is has more of an Indian touch, where you see Indian dishes taking over rather than the others. And I'll be honest, this is something I really liked. Their starters had a huge variety of options and you could see mostly Indian starters but some Chinese starters were also there. 

Honey Chilli Potato. This is something that everyone thinks they can cook pretty well but honestly they can't. But here, it took us less than 5 minutes to finish the entire plate and we loved it. 

Spring rolls. These were really juicy and cooked to perfection. One of my favourite starters and these didn't disappoint me at all.

Also, along with our food we had Ordered their chocolate Smoothie that too, twice. It was so yummy and so heavenly. My only issue here was that they should increase the size of the bulb/glass they use to serve the smoothie. Otherwise yes, people will order twice because it tasted so good. 

Mutton Gilafi Kebabs, suggested by the staff and savoured by us. They were so droolworthy and tender. I've never had mutton kebabs so good. Full Marks for this one. 

Chicken Malai Tikka which was oh so delicious and so yum. The Chicken was juicy and tender and fresh.

For main course we had :- 

Crispy Corn. A very light and delectable dish which is genuinely my favourite everrr. Here also they tasted really good and I had the best time eating these. 

Chilli chicken (gravy). This is something that is served everywhere and here also it was brilliant. No complaints at all for this one. Very good gravy and the Chicken too was perfectly cooked and the veggies along with it were lovely and delicious. 

Chiili Garlic Noodles :- Very light, flavourful and tasty Noodles. Complimented our chilli Chicken very nicely. 

For Dessert we had :- 

Brownie with vanilla ice cream and mango Ice cream. Their Brownie was very yummy and so was their presentation. 
I especially loved the way they served they mango Ice cream. 

To be honest, because I had gone to lockup with my cousin and we had met after 2yrs we were just remembering our old days and we actually had everything which is related to everyone's childhood and is still loved by all. 

Lock up is a really gorgeous place and something like this in Vypaar Kendra is unexpected but these guys have done a really good job in maintaining their quality. 


Uzzuri Deli is known for being the hep place in Janpath. 

I had gone there on a Sunday morning to try out their breakfast and their food. 

For breakfast me and my friend ordered Pancakes with maple syrup. Pancakes are my all time favourite and these were oh so delicious that I couldn't stop myself from finishing the entire plate. The Pancakes were perfect and so soft and gooey. Along with this I had my all time favourite Cold Coffee and my friend had a cappuccino. Both of these were really good and on point. They have a wide variety of dishes in their breakfast menu and you should Surely go before 12noon to try their delectable dishes. 

Then we had Baked Nachos. The nachos had a dressing of salad leaves below it and on top it had kidney beans, salsa, jalapeƱos, cheese etc. A very new type of nachos which was super Delicious and fun to eat. Kidney beans gave a new twist and tasted really good. 

Then we had, Crispy Bruschettas. Three Bruschettas topped with fetta cheese, roasted peppers and mushrooms and tomatoes. A very delightful appetiser. 

Then we had the Beetroot, Orange salad which was suggested by the chef. The salad was so fresh, juicy and had a really strong lemon flavour in it and was very yummy. A very fresh and good salad after the Pancakes. 
You must try this salad because it is not one of the usuals you pick but will Surely tickle your taste buds. 

Along with these, we had Red Wine Sangria which was very tasty and heavenly. I couldn't have asked for more. And my friend had Kaffir Lime Mojito which was a very fresh, icy and yummy cocktail. 

Then we ordered, red sauce pasta. They completely nailed the pasta. It was yummy, tasty and had a good quantity too.

For dessert we ordered, Bitter Coffee Cake and Black Velvet. Both the desserts were really heavenly and made my taste buds really happy. 

All in all Uzzuri is a place you should Surely visit. And now it has started serving sheesha as well so yaiiee to some good Saturday evenings. 

Sunday, 27 March 2016


Team MissFoodieDiaries went to Masabaa and here we present you our experience. 

Punjabi bagh club road is the hub for foodies in west delhi.  Masabaa is a huge place with fine dine restaurant masabaa -the treasury, masabaa the lounge above it and a beautiful terrace - skyfall. 

We went to fine dine restaurant and the moment we entered we were left awestruck. The ambiance of this place was so beautiful and the decor was so on point that you actually would not want to leave the place long after you've finished eating. From big chandelier to quite nice done tables , everything was perfect. 

Service too was warm and friendly and waiters were themselves involved in providing good hospitality.

Veg tandoori platter included with soya chaap tikka, succulent chunks of soya marinated and finished in clay over tasted good.

Lahori aloo , deep fried sliced potato marinated with chilli paste cooked with semolina was fine but too oily for me.

Dahi ke kabab , deep fried yogurt and cheese patty coated with panko were palatable.

Husn ki shammi , a unique combination of soya chunks , lentil and secret spices was delish in taste.

Our favourite from the platter was khumb ki galouti , mouth watering mushroom cake infused with saffron was served with ulta tawa ka parantha was so good that the moment we ate it it melted in our mouth immediately.

In non veg tandoori platter we were served with galouti kebab , finely minced lamb kabab with floral aromas and subtle spices and Angoori murg tikka , chicken tikka infused with red wine, crushed grapes and home ground spices were amazing.

Murg malai tikka , morsels of chicken marinate in yogurt , cheese was cooked to perfection.

Fish tikka , sole fish infused with basil and olive oil was great in taste. Chicken seekh kabab was cooked to perfection.

After the delectable platters we went for stir fried chicken served with bok choy sauce, chicken tossed in oyster sauce was mouthwatering and basil sole fish was fine too.

Then came the Lebanese style chicken which had good amount of flavours and was delightful in taste.

In veg snacks we ordered corn and cheese rolls , corn infused with aged cheddar cheese rolled up in sheet was drooling in taste.

Cripsy corn chilli pepper , fried corn in garlic and chinese wine was decent in taste.

 This is how we ended our lavish and ordered molten choco lava cake for desserts, texture and taste was heavenly.

Overall I highly recommend this place to the people who put up at west delhi , an apt place for fine dine.



Riding guns cafe -A small cafe in preet vihar A block market serving some delectable food. There are 2 sets of chair table inside the cafe and ample seating in outdoor space. The theme of the cafe is great , there is this bike head attached on the wall of the cafe , though owner needs to work upon the interiors and ambience. 

Service is warm, friendly, and efficient.

Coming to the food and drinks , everything was great in taste.

In drinks we ordered black current shake which had perfect blend  and was delicious in taste and hazelnut frappe was equally good.

Though food menu is limited but indeed everything tasted amazing. 

Their cheeky fusion penne pasta was rich in colour, a yummy treat for our stomach. 

Chicken popcorn were crispy enough and decent in taste.

Then we ordered half veg and half non veg pizza which was exotic in taste and had thin crust.

Their mario and popeye lasagna , unique name , isn't it? Served with garlic bread , combination of spinach, cheese and rich flavours was cheesylicious , a cheese lover like me would love it.

In desserts we ordered TRG special sizzling sweetheart , the scrumptious choco brownie served with vanilla icecream can get anybody drooling. 

So if you want to have quick eating and delish food in east delhi, this is the place to go.


Thursday, 24 March 2016


Diva Spiced has a new Express Lunch Menu which serves you with one appetizer, one main course and a dessert. 

I had gone there to do a review and here I am sharing my entire experience with you guys. 

To drink, me and my friend ordered two cold coffees. What a perfect coffee it was, with the right amount of coffee and that had a brilliant aroma in the entire restaurant. 


Filled with yummy and fresh dumplings with some amazing dips this appetizer will surely woo you with looks and with its taste. Perfect pick for the vegetarians. 

Then i had the non veg basket which had chicken and prawn dumplings. Oh So Droolworthy... 
A highly recommended choice for the dumpling lovers. So juicy and so on point. 
Both these baskets were worth trying.



This was one of the most delicious salad i've ever had. So fresh, flavorful and tasty. The tomatoes gave such brilliant taste to this salad. I will surely recommend it to everyone, A salad that cannot be missed. Full Marks...

ROCKET SALAD with cherry tomatoes, almond flakes, green beans, oriental garlic dressing with smoked chicken...
This is one of my favorite salad whenever i choose one at any restaurant. Very healthy and refreshing... This one had smoked chicken which gave it such an awesome zing. Loved it... 

All health conscious people should try their salads because they are just perfect. 


Another delish appetizer. Very juicy, spicy and the sambal dip gave it such an ambrosial taste. Was unable to stop myself after the very first bite. 

PAN GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST with cafreal sauce served with sesame tossed carrots and pearl barley risotto. 

The yummiest main course I had here. The chicken was tender, juicy and very delectable. Risotto was so yummy and very flavorful. A very filling main course and very healthy too. The best part about this was the cafreal sauce. It was so different and so yummy. Presented in such a beautiful manner. 


Red curry is my all time favorite thai curry and this one did not disappoint me at all. Very delicious and perfectly cooked. The basil rice was so perfect and so yummy. The yummy dip along with this dish was providing that zing that was needed. I will definitely recommend this dish to y'all because it quite filling and very delish. 

Ending with a cappucino is just the best idea. 

This new express menu by DIVA SPICED is just perfect for all those who wants to have quick lunch but wants to eat good food too.