Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Success Party of First Eat

First Eat launched its operations for Gurgaon in the last week of October 2015. With great feedback and enormous love shown by food lovers, First Eat has had a happy, tasty and sweet journey so far. From delicious, healthy breakfast to filling evening meals with a battery of freshly prepared Detox juices, First Eat endeavors to bring more and more love for the food to the table. Delivering fresh, clean and delectable food which is easy on the pocket and tastes amazing, First Eat has proved itself very well in the food industry. 

With getting such an immense success they had planned a Breakfast Meetup for us. The meetup was all about their ideas and implications of those ideas. And we got to know their journey and their struggles and the passion for food that brought them together to create this amazing app. 

They got an opportunity to tell us how the world has accepted them and what all one says about their service. With bloggers from all categories like food, lifestyle and travel, we got to know how important healthy food is. We also met one of their ardent customer who actually later became a friend of theirs and does mouth publicity for them. They were using nick names for each other which showed the warmth they share. They consulted every blogger to tell how hard or how easy it is to bring healthy food in our daily lifestyle and how to make such things popular.  

It is very rare when you see such hard working people coming together and telling their story which was clearly the motive of this meetup. 

While we were leaving they gave us this bag and it had a gorgeous pen, a diary with a really sweet handwritten message and a very hep and quirky poster... 

MissFoodieDiaries wishes First Eat all the very best with their future endeavours.


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