Saturday, 19 March 2016


Don't you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?

Sugar Threads sent over these 5 giant boxes filled with happiness and sweetness and loads of memories.

They make cotton candies which are gourmet, all natural and organic so you can eat what you want but it will be real and healthy. 

Sugar Threads is a gourmet boutique, producer of matchless quality, natural and organic freshly spun cotton candy. It's an unconventional new spin on a timeless classic. Brings you back to the wonderful old days when things were as lovely as freshly spun cotton candy. They've got more than 15 different premium flavored cotton candies..

How Exciting, right? 

The First one that I tried was their PERKISH PAAN flavor. 
The flavor was very strong and every paan lover would love to indulge into this one. 
How nicely they've blended the flavors and all i can think of is this magical creation. 

The second box had SWISS VANILLA. 
OK, so this is my favorite out of all 5. Why? Because it had vanilla and choco chips. 

The cotton candy is doing complete justice to its name and the flavors are definitely there and  your taste buds are going to do the happy dance after eating this...


The third flavor was called LUSCIOUS LEMON. 
So, yes it had lemon... Dont be shocked. 

Lemon flavored cotton candy was oh so delectable and it was not too sour but just perfect. And it looked like a dream... 
Yellowish- Goldenish, so dreamy and so pretty. 

Indulge into these while reading your novel and you wont even realise how quick this novel gets over. 

Then I had JOLLY BERRY STRAWBERRY. This one was the classic cotton candy with a little twist but not too much. Made me remember the good ol days of my childhood and I felt so good after eating these. 

The last box had AWESOME APPLE in it. Green Apple flavored cotton candy? C'mon man!

These guys are really creative and their hard work is clearly visible here. This particular flavor was really tasty and it felt as if you're eating apples... Nope, not exaggerating. 

This was also one of my favorite flavors. And the colorful sprinklers on it was just the perfect decoration. 

SUGAR THREADS, you've brought back so many memories and made me so happy. 

People you have to try them to believe each and every word i have written here. 

My heart and my taste buds are both so glad. 


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