Friday, 11 March 2016

Molecule - A Magical Experience

Molecule is the new gem added to sector 29, Gurgaon and I finally visited it after cancelling so many plans. 

To begin with, the interiors are pretty amazing. The restaurant is quite huge and has a giant bar and loads and loads of space for people to chill. The lightings on the top just took my breathe away. They've paid a lot of attention on the décor and it is clearly visible and is mesmerising. 

Coming to the food and drinks. 
In drinks we ordered :- 

A Martini and a watermelon mocktail and apple cider. All these three looked gorgeous and tasted very good too. The drinks were up to the mark and especially the Watermelon mocktail was loved by me and my friend. 

The food that we ordered was :- 

Some Maggie Masala Popcorns which were cold yet delectable. The smoke and the molecular gastronomy was beautiful but that did not compromise the taste of these yummy popcorns. 

Then we had, molecular phuchka shots. These cute little phuckas turned into a modern restaurant quality dish. They served it with various juices and not just the regular jucie that we get. It was served very nicely and tasted oh so good. You cannot miss this dish if you go here. Worth spending bucks on this one. 

Then we had, Air Breads. Both served in non veg and veg. Filled with loads of cheese and topped up with paneer or chicken. Very small looking dish but very filling. 

We also had, two types of paneer tikkas, Chicken kulchas and fish fries. All these dishes were droolworthy and delectable. Especially the Chicken kulchas. Highlyrecommended. 

Then we had wada pao sliders. Very juicy and very authentic. If you love spicy food, then this ones for you. 

We also had spaghetti with white sauce and soya chaap with naan. Very heavenly dishes and loved the flavors in them. 
The presentation of soya chaap was very innovative and appealing to the eye. 
Our last dish was the Veg Chinatown. Very delicious and very gorgeous looking dish. A must try. 

Coming to their heavenly dessert, their modern day ras malai. The chef himself came and made this dessert and showed us how molecular gastronomy can change a regular thing into a modern day dessert served in high end restaurants. The creativity and the looks were brilliant. Coming to the taste, well it was even better. Loved the ras malai and all the various ingredients used to complete the dessert. I might actually go back to have this dessert again. Still can't stop drooling. 

Molecule, you've wooed me with everything I had here. Keep up the good work.

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  1. I keep coming across your food posts on Facebook and Instagram and it's so much fun to go through them! Must say, you've got a very unique passion, good going! :)