Monday, 14 March 2016

THAICHI STREET - Sparkling With Flair

Went to Thaichi Street recently and had the best time ever.

Started my Saturday lunch by ordering Their yummy sour n pepper soup. Very authentic and very delectable.

Then i ordered Wasabi Harkao, Chicken Money Bags and Yaki Goyza dumplings. All these three were heavenly and my favourite was the money bags. What flavors and what a gorgeous taste it had. The yummy sauces along with these dumplings were the highlight for the dumplings.

Then I ordered Butter Garlic Prawns and Hanoi grilled spicy chicken. These two amazing appetisers were worth every bite. The prawns were oh so delicious and was finished within seconds. Highlyrecommended.
The skewers were very different and yummy.

For main course we ordered shredded chicken with hot Garlic sauce which was served inside flat noodles. That one dish which took my heart away. Brilliance in every bite.

We also ordered for Veg dumplings chilli coriander sauce. Very heavenly and very delectable. Vegetarians this dish is Surely for y'all. I definitely recommend it.

Then I had Thai Red Curry with jasmine rice. A very authentic and yummy dish. If you want to experience some authentic food, surely try this dish.

For desserts we ordered fig and dates pan cakes. A good and healthy dessert.

The last dessert that we had was spring rolls filled with vanilla ice cream. This dessert is something that you cannot miss. A very strange combination but this dessert turned out to be something brilliant. Very ambrosial dessert and I am still drooling over it.

The staff here is a little unaware about the food and the specialities which is very easily noticable because Thai food is still a new topic for us. The restaurant is not very spacious but it is usually very crowded because nowadays people  try new cuisines. They serve brilliant food and I will surely go back to eat more.

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