Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Uzzuri Deli is known for being the hep place in Janpath. 

I had gone there on a Sunday morning to try out their breakfast and their food. 

For breakfast me and my friend ordered Pancakes with maple syrup. Pancakes are my all time favourite and these were oh so delicious that I couldn't stop myself from finishing the entire plate. The Pancakes were perfect and so soft and gooey. Along with this I had my all time favourite Cold Coffee and my friend had a cappuccino. Both of these were really good and on point. They have a wide variety of dishes in their breakfast menu and you should Surely go before 12noon to try their delectable dishes. 

Then we had Baked Nachos. The nachos had a dressing of salad leaves below it and on top it had kidney beans, salsa, jalapeños, cheese etc. A very new type of nachos which was super Delicious and fun to eat. Kidney beans gave a new twist and tasted really good. 

Then we had, Crispy Bruschettas. Three Bruschettas topped with fetta cheese, roasted peppers and mushrooms and tomatoes. A very delightful appetiser. 

Then we had the Beetroot, Orange salad which was suggested by the chef. The salad was so fresh, juicy and had a really strong lemon flavour in it and was very yummy. A very fresh and good salad after the Pancakes. 
You must try this salad because it is not one of the usuals you pick but will Surely tickle your taste buds. 

Along with these, we had Red Wine Sangria which was very tasty and heavenly. I couldn't have asked for more. And my friend had Kaffir Lime Mojito which was a very fresh, icy and yummy cocktail. 

Then we ordered, red sauce pasta. They completely nailed the pasta. It was yummy, tasty and had a good quantity too.

For dessert we ordered, Bitter Coffee Cake and Black Velvet. Both the desserts were really heavenly and made my taste buds really happy. 

All in all Uzzuri is a place you should Surely visit. And now it has started serving sheesha as well so yaiiee to some good Saturday evenings. 

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