Thursday, 23 July 2015


Dark House Kafe, as the name suggests is a place which is dark and its walls are full of horrifying pictures to scare the customers. 

Here is a quick review on this place. :)

We Ordered-
Toblerone Shake 110
Kit Kat Shake 100
Fish and Chips 190
Baked Penne Pasta 220
Fusion Lasagna 190

If you look at the images below, you may think that both the shakes looks similar, yes. But their taste was very different. The Toblerone shake was so yummy and we were feeling like we ate toblerone. Not too sweet, so just perfect.
The Kit Kat Shake, well it was yummy too. Felt like we were eating Kit Kat. hehe. And it was also not too sweet so we enjoyed it alot. 

Their price seemed reasonable and the quantity was good. 
we give them full marks. 

Fish and Chips were just out of this world. The fish was tender and melted in our mouths as soon as we ate it. Though the dish was fish and chips but the highlight of the dish was the dip. The dip just gave such a kick to the entire dish, wow.
We literally fell in love with this dish and especially the dip.

The price was low as compared to the quality and quantity of the dish. We will for sure give it full marks.

Baked Penne Pasta can be described in one word i.e. PATHETIC. Honestly, we've seen and eaten some really good baked pastas but this one was so bad that we didnt even take a second bite. It was vegetarian and the veggies inside it were tasteless. Highly disappointed with this dish. 

Fusion Lasagna can also be described in one word i.e. AMAZING.
Indeed we again fell in love with this dish. The lasagna was so creamy and juicy and it had loads of chucks of chicken. One bite into this lasagna and we were unable to control ourselves. 4.5/5 because the garlic bread was really hard so that was a negative point for this dish. Otherwise, the lasagna was delicious.

The decor of this place is simple yet elegant. Was a bit crowded because it is very close to many Delhi University colleges. Irrespective of that there was not too much of chaos. The food was fresh and yummy. The place was clean. Their service needs a little push but it was not that bad. 

A nice place to go and hang out with your buddies and enjoy. 

9, Ground Floor, Benito Juarez Marg, Opposite Sri Venkateshwara College, Satyaniketan, New Delhi 110021

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Kake Da Hotel.

Being a Food Blogger is not just going to some place, clicking pictures, eating food and sharing it with people. Its much more than this. If you cannot feel the food is your heart and if you cannot feel that sudden happiness in your tummy after eating that particular food then you are not doing it right. Feel the food you consume, each and every bit of it. Indulge into its flavors and let its taste flow from your taste buds to your heart. 

Felt like you were meditating? Yep, we call it FOODOGA (FOOD+YOGA)

So, we visited this tiny place called, Kake Da Dhaba which is in CP.
Well most of you guys must have heard about this place. It was established in 1937 and since then it has stayed in demand. Few days ago we heard and saw some comments about this place which were a little harsh and so we decided to give it a visit and see what is true and what is not.

Below is our review.

Butter Chicken (per plate) rs190
Shahi Paneer (per plate) rs150
Roomali Rotis rs6 each
2 PEPSI rs20 each

So, to begin with let's talk about the food first. Butter chicken was way too delicious. It was so tangy and juicy and the quantity was more than enough for even two people, though they call it per plate. wow. We've never really tasted something like this because we knew butter chicken as sweet and very heavy in the tummy but here the taste was so different that it completely changed the definition of Butter Chicken in our heads. But we loved it and we will for sure give 4.5/5 for this.

The Shahi Paneer was good. A little sweet to eat and the paneer was very soft. Again the quantity was great. But the taste was nothing special. Yes, it varied from the various shahi paneer we've had at different places but it could have been better. we give it 4/5 because of the unexpectable taste difference we experienced. 

With our dishes we had Roomali Rotis and they were moist and yummy. Full marks to them.

The only thing that they need to improve is their cleanliness. As in if they keep their doors or atleast windows closed or something to keep out the mosquitos it will be a bit better. Also, the place gets too crowded and needs proper spacing. 
The service was very quick and that's because they have the food prepared before opening up the shop. Nice idea for a place which is all the time filled with people. A little messy but that's what ancient places are for. It never changes and we just have to deal with it and find its inner beauty. 

In total we give them 4/5 and we would love to visit this place again.

Also, we would like to share some good news with you guys. We were featured in So Delhi's page as one of the top 12 delhi foodies to follow on instagram. Following is the link--

thaankyou for your constant love and support.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room, when you hear this name you imagine in your head wow, omg... chocolatessss... loads and loads of chocolates all over the place, right?

But this place is a little different. Yes its menu is surrounded by chocolates everywhere but if you look a little inside you will find other things too.

Below is a quick review for y'all.

We ordered 
1. Brownie Shake (extra vanilla ice cream)
2. Mocha Frappe (extra vanilla ice cream)
3. Spicy Chicken Pasta
4. Extra Vanilla Ice cream- Rs78

Well to begin with, the pasta was way too yummy. It was till date the yummiest red sauce pasta we've eaten. And the quantity was good too. It was more than enough for two people. It's cost was rs329. Yes, we felt it was a bit costly though.

The Brownie Shake looked very tempting and its taste was good too. A little bit too sweet. So if you love sugary stuff this shake is your thang for sure. We also asked to add ice cream to it. They charged extra for the ice cream but while drinking the shake, we rarely tasted ice-cream. Its amount was rs199 and again we feel it was over-priced.

The Mocha Frappe was average. Its cost was rs169 plus we added ice cream to it but the taste was bad. It had cookies on top of it and honestly it ruined the taste of the frappe rather than enhancing it. Was not sweet at all. The ice cream which was found in the end of the drink made the leftover drink a little tasty.

The decor of the place was good. Its not so big but still everyone seemed comfortable enough. The issue with the service was that it was very slow. We had to wait for a really long time to get our food. 

The atmosphere was good. Clean and A stylish place. The food was fresh and the presentation gets full marks from our side.

 With all this in our tummy we were left with no space to try their famous fondue.. We are surely going back to try those.

FOOD- 4/5

We hope to see some improvements in their service for sure.

Hope this review was helpful for y'all.


10 & 11, Ground Floor, Baani Square Market, South City 2, Gurgaon

Friday, 10 July 2015

Qureshi's Kebab Corner- Not just Kebabs tho

Are you an ardent lover of non-vegetarian food? 
And still searching for a good restaurant/ take away?

Ok Ok Ok

Here we are for your rescue. Qureshi's Kebab Corner is a really very famous food outlet and is having five outlets all together in Delhi,NCR.

The one we are reviewing is in The Sapphire, Sector 49, Opposite Orchid Petals, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

It is in the very corner of The Sapphire and is usually very crowded with people ordering their favorite dishes all the time. It is usually prefered for home deliveries or take away because there is rarely any place to sit and eat.

We've been a follower of this place from a really long time and have tried most of its dishes. And also fallen in love with most of them. 

The review includes dishes-
1. Kadhai Chicken
2. Butter Chicken
3. Paneer Tikka
4. Plain Naan

Our all time favorite is Kadhai Chicken. It is indeed unbelievable how the cook makes it. So delicious that you cant stop praising it. With every bite you indulge into you keep on praising the dish. We will soon be going and meeting the chef and compliment him for making such a lovely dish everytime without fail. 
The Butter Chicken was good too but was nothing infront of kadhai chicken. It was a little too sweet but the gravy was good and the pieces were undoubtedly very tender.
Paneer Tikka was ordered just to try out their Veg food. It was good. The Paneer was tasty even from the inside. Rs140 was spent well for these tikkas.

We also tried their Tandoori chicken and OMG it was the best Tandoori Chicken we've eaten so far. What taste, what spice and what color. Amazing is the word for sure. 

This place is a must for all those who are crazy about non veg food. 
Below are the pictures of the dishes we had. 

So we hope you will surely try out this place.

FOOD- 4.5/5

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Kebab Xpress- Perfect for Rainy Days

 This was our first visit to Kebab Xpress and here we are sharing our views about their food.

Kebab Xpress is not just about kebabs or kathi rolls but a lot more. 
Below are some of the items we tried from their menu and filled our tummies with happiness.


This refreshing drink is a must if you are going to Kebab Xpress. It was on almost every table and tasted really good. Only for Rs40.


So we tried chicken tikka here and the chicken was very soft and tender and the spices were just on point to give that delicious aroma and it was like a party for our taste buds. With this we also got green chutney and onions which were a necessity with the dish. Rs139 seemed a little too much but after tasting their chicken tikka we were OK with giving this much too. It was boneless so we enjoyed it more.

With cold pepsi in your hand this dish will taste better. Do try.


So we heard a lot about their chicken biryani and thus decided to try it. The biryani was utterly yummy and just melted in our mouths. With the tangy gravy and the raita it tasted even better. The pieces of chicken inside the Biryani were tender and they also just gave a kick to the biryani.

The aroma of the biryani was so so goood. 

Enjoyed it with our chilled pepsi and the rain outside.

Rs179 was worth it.

The service is quick and everything looked quiet stable inside the kitchen. Good music sets the right mood and then great food is just the cherry on the top. We were so happy with the service and with the neatness of the whole place. 

Completely loved this place.

We enjoyed our time in Kebab Xpress alot. Hope you guys do too



1,Ground Floor, Shop 6, HUDA City Center, HUDA Metro Station,Sector 29, Gurgaon