Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room, when you hear this name you imagine in your head wow, omg... chocolatessss... loads and loads of chocolates all over the place, right?

But this place is a little different. Yes its menu is surrounded by chocolates everywhere but if you look a little inside you will find other things too.

Below is a quick review for y'all.

We ordered 
1. Brownie Shake (extra vanilla ice cream)
2. Mocha Frappe (extra vanilla ice cream)
3. Spicy Chicken Pasta
4. Extra Vanilla Ice cream- Rs78

Well to begin with, the pasta was way too yummy. It was till date the yummiest red sauce pasta we've eaten. And the quantity was good too. It was more than enough for two people. It's cost was rs329. Yes, we felt it was a bit costly though.

The Brownie Shake looked very tempting and its taste was good too. A little bit too sweet. So if you love sugary stuff this shake is your thang for sure. We also asked to add ice cream to it. They charged extra for the ice cream but while drinking the shake, we rarely tasted ice-cream. Its amount was rs199 and again we feel it was over-priced.

The Mocha Frappe was average. Its cost was rs169 plus we added ice cream to it but the taste was bad. It had cookies on top of it and honestly it ruined the taste of the frappe rather than enhancing it. Was not sweet at all. The ice cream which was found in the end of the drink made the leftover drink a little tasty.

The decor of the place was good. Its not so big but still everyone seemed comfortable enough. The issue with the service was that it was very slow. We had to wait for a really long time to get our food. 

The atmosphere was good. Clean and A stylish place. The food was fresh and the presentation gets full marks from our side.

 With all this in our tummy we were left with no space to try their famous fondue.. We are surely going back to try those.

FOOD- 4/5

We hope to see some improvements in their service for sure.

Hope this review was helpful for y'all.


10 & 11, Ground Floor, Baani Square Market, South City 2, Gurgaon


  1. We hope " TO " see some improvements and not we hope " SO " see some improvements :-)

    1. thanks for pointing it out. It was spelling mistake and has been edited :)