Thursday, 23 July 2015


Dark House Kafe, as the name suggests is a place which is dark and its walls are full of horrifying pictures to scare the customers. 

Here is a quick review on this place. :)

We Ordered-
Toblerone Shake 110
Kit Kat Shake 100
Fish and Chips 190
Baked Penne Pasta 220
Fusion Lasagna 190

If you look at the images below, you may think that both the shakes looks similar, yes. But their taste was very different. The Toblerone shake was so yummy and we were feeling like we ate toblerone. Not too sweet, so just perfect.
The Kit Kat Shake, well it was yummy too. Felt like we were eating Kit Kat. hehe. And it was also not too sweet so we enjoyed it alot. 

Their price seemed reasonable and the quantity was good. 
we give them full marks. 

Fish and Chips were just out of this world. The fish was tender and melted in our mouths as soon as we ate it. Though the dish was fish and chips but the highlight of the dish was the dip. The dip just gave such a kick to the entire dish, wow.
We literally fell in love with this dish and especially the dip.

The price was low as compared to the quality and quantity of the dish. We will for sure give it full marks.

Baked Penne Pasta can be described in one word i.e. PATHETIC. Honestly, we've seen and eaten some really good baked pastas but this one was so bad that we didnt even take a second bite. It was vegetarian and the veggies inside it were tasteless. Highly disappointed with this dish. 

Fusion Lasagna can also be described in one word i.e. AMAZING.
Indeed we again fell in love with this dish. The lasagna was so creamy and juicy and it had loads of chucks of chicken. One bite into this lasagna and we were unable to control ourselves. 4.5/5 because the garlic bread was really hard so that was a negative point for this dish. Otherwise, the lasagna was delicious.

The decor of this place is simple yet elegant. Was a bit crowded because it is very close to many Delhi University colleges. Irrespective of that there was not too much of chaos. The food was fresh and yummy. The place was clean. Their service needs a little push but it was not that bad. 

A nice place to go and hang out with your buddies and enjoy. 

9, Ground Floor, Benito Juarez Marg, Opposite Sri Venkateshwara College, Satyaniketan, New Delhi 110021

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