Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Kebab Xpress- Perfect for Rainy Days

 This was our first visit to Kebab Xpress and here we are sharing our views about their food.

Kebab Xpress is not just about kebabs or kathi rolls but a lot more. 
Below are some of the items we tried from their menu and filled our tummies with happiness.


This refreshing drink is a must if you are going to Kebab Xpress. It was on almost every table and tasted really good. Only for Rs40.


So we tried chicken tikka here and the chicken was very soft and tender and the spices were just on point to give that delicious aroma and it was like a party for our taste buds. With this we also got green chutney and onions which were a necessity with the dish. Rs139 seemed a little too much but after tasting their chicken tikka we were OK with giving this much too. It was boneless so we enjoyed it more.

With cold pepsi in your hand this dish will taste better. Do try.


So we heard a lot about their chicken biryani and thus decided to try it. The biryani was utterly yummy and just melted in our mouths. With the tangy gravy and the raita it tasted even better. The pieces of chicken inside the Biryani were tender and they also just gave a kick to the biryani.

The aroma of the biryani was so so goood. 

Enjoyed it with our chilled pepsi and the rain outside.

Rs179 was worth it.

The service is quick and everything looked quiet stable inside the kitchen. Good music sets the right mood and then great food is just the cherry on the top. We were so happy with the service and with the neatness of the whole place. 

Completely loved this place.

We enjoyed our time in Kebab Xpress alot. Hope you guys do too



1,Ground Floor, Shop 6, HUDA City Center, HUDA Metro Station,Sector 29, Gurgaon

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