Friday, 11 March 2016

Spezia Bistro - Serving Brilliance

Spezia Bistro is a very elegant and a nice cafe on Hudson Lane... It is surely different from the other cafes in Hudson Lane. It was crowded yet one could feel that peace while eating the food. It is a huge cafe and their decor and their food and the entire ambiance deserves more than 5. 

To begin with, me and my friend had two cold coffees. We had asked to make one coffee a little strong and well we did get a stronger coffee. Loved the coffee and the perfection it had. 

Before having their coffees we had two of their very famous soups called Baked Broccoli toasted almonds which was  very delectable soup. Never knew that broccoli will become my favorite. Then we had, smoked chicken and basil soup which was oh so yummy. Highly Recommended. 

Then we had, caught in the corn salad which was a fresh, healthy and light salad and is perfect for anyone who likes tasty food but is health conscious too. 

Then we had Garlic Breads topped with yummy vegetables and loads of cheese. What a yummy appetizer which such brilliant flavors. The best garlic breads i've ever had. If you go to this cafe you must try this dish for sure...

Then we had their recently launched dish called CHIMICHANGA which is a mexican dish which is tortillas stuffed with loads of cheese and then topped up with a yummy peri peri sauce and more cheese. The staff recommended this dish to us and we were 100% satisfied with this one. This dish is a heaven for the cheese lovers and even if you're not a cheese lover, you should have this one and i bet you'll love it. *droooliinnggg*

After eating that amazing dish, we had our very own Mexican Treasure Pizza which was hand tossed. Their executive chefwas making the pizzas that day and it was our honor to see him make the pizza. The pizza was super delectable and heavenly. Their dough was made right infront of us and the freshness was felt by us when we were having the pizzas too. What a brilliant creation. This Pizza is perfect for the vegetarians. 

And the last dish that we had here was their momo sizzler. 

This was their very famous dish and was again recommended by the staff. The momos were very soft and baked to perfection. It was served with some rice and fries and all the ingredients on the dish complimented each other perfectly. Being a momo fan, this dish made my tummy really happy. 

And finally we had Brownie with ice cream and this was served in a flower pot... The brownie and ice cream combo is served almost everywhere but i completely loved this one.. This seems as a normal dessert but it very hard to nail it to perfection.

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