Sunday, 27 March 2016


Riding guns cafe -A small cafe in preet vihar A block market serving some delectable food. There are 2 sets of chair table inside the cafe and ample seating in outdoor space. The theme of the cafe is great , there is this bike head attached on the wall of the cafe , though owner needs to work upon the interiors and ambience. 

Service is warm, friendly, and efficient.

Coming to the food and drinks , everything was great in taste.

In drinks we ordered black current shake which had perfect blend  and was delicious in taste and hazelnut frappe was equally good.

Though food menu is limited but indeed everything tasted amazing. 

Their cheeky fusion penne pasta was rich in colour, a yummy treat for our stomach. 

Chicken popcorn were crispy enough and decent in taste.

Then we ordered half veg and half non veg pizza which was exotic in taste and had thin crust.

Their mario and popeye lasagna , unique name , isn't it? Served with garlic bread , combination of spinach, cheese and rich flavours was cheesylicious , a cheese lover like me would love it.

In desserts we ordered TRG special sizzling sweetheart , the scrumptious choco brownie served with vanilla icecream can get anybody drooling. 

So if you want to have quick eating and delish food in east delhi, this is the place to go.


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