Friday, 4 March 2016


Burger Singh, this name is so catchy and I immediately decided to order from here. Had ordered loads of food for my dinner time yesterday.

I ordered one Tibetan Van Paneer Burger and One United States of Punjab Burger. One was Vegetarian and the other one was non Vegetarian.
I personally loved the Tibetan Van Paneer Burger because it was so Delicious and so flavourful. With some delectable veggies and the paneer in the centre this Vegetarian burger was loved by me.

The chicken burger was really good. Had a very different yet amazing taste. Very flavourful and droolworthy.

I had also ordered for three fries :-
1. Plain fries
2. Moroccan Fries
3. Dilli 6 Fries

The plain ones were just on point and really tasty. The Moroccan ones were different from the usual and filling too.
But my favourite were the dilli 6 fries because of the spice and the heat they had in them. They were almost red in color and one bite into them and you'll know why they were red. Really spicy but very yummy too. Surely something you can't miss.

Then I ordered Plain Jane chicken wings. These were sweet and spicy and I was so happy with their taste. So drooling over these. The chicken pieces were so juicy and tender and the sauce was on point. Highlyrecommended.

To go along with these I ordered two dips as well.
1. Hot Bihari Sauce which was very spicy and so yum. Definitely Something worth trying and letting your nose leak.
2.White guy dip which was very tasty and went well with the other items.

Their delivery was perfect and so was their packaging. Very pocket friendly and the food was fresh, clean and delectable.
Will be Ordering soon. :)

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