Monday, 19 September 2016

MRP,MUMBAI – Modern Asian Bistro

MRP – Modern Asian Bistro, a games-themed modern Asian bar and bistro that has recently opened its gates in Dadar. The bar is the newest venture by Abhayraj Singh Kohli, who also runs Grandmama’s Cafe next door.
MRP has a retro chic design and a contemporary East-Asian menu. The bar offers a number of house cocktails and a great variety of Asian food!
Every single table there had a dedicated box of games, comprising of spin the bottle, deck of cards, dice, gaming costers, ping pong ball and so on!

We started off with cocktails;
Molecular DSLR, consisting vodka, litchi, lyche, caviar, passion fruit and coconut milk. It was actually served in a DSLR lens, we loved how it was presented. The taste was quite average though!
Feng shui pot consisting of whiskey and fresh apple, presented with cherry bits and flowers, was beautifully presented and tasted great too!

For appetizers we started with:
Soups and salads!
Tom yum soup, the classic soup with MRP twist was a total delight!
Miso dumpling soup with chicken dumplings was delicious too!
We tried their Hoisin duck salad, with pickled cucumbers, thai chilli, pomegranate, peanuts and micro herbs! We loved the salad, the combination of herbs and crunchiness of pomegranate was absolutely scrumptious! Also, the duck was well cooked and was extremely delectable!
Wonton nachos, something innovative and must say, delicious with a perfectly balanced taste! Crispy wontons served with spicy black bean sauce, topped with jalapeño cheese sauce created a burst of flavor!
Since I am a huge fan of dimsums, if they are on the menu, I will definitely order. We ordered chicken basil dimsums but I was disappointed as the dimsums were very sticky and a bit bland too! Passable I would say!
Pulled chicken bao was utterly delectable! Sweet and soft steambuns, filled with daikon, cucumbers, cilantro, lomo-lomo egg, garlic aioli! Comes with a delicious sauce! This was the best dish we had that night! You must definitely try this one!

MRP Mac and cheese, which was an Asian version of Mac and cheese, and was absolutely mouth-watering with thai curry, mozzarella and macaroni ! Very cheesy and yummy!
Oriental pot rice was our next dish which good too. With lots of veggies, and garlic sauce, we enjoyed the dish. Even though the dish was a bit bland, the butter and garlic sauce managed to keep the tastes alive!
Thai green curry with steamed rice is my all time favorite dish, so we tried this one there. Thai curry was authentic with all the thai herbs and spices, with coconut milk base. It was very flavorsome and we thoroughly enjoyed this one with added chicken pieces!

Then we got to the desserts!
We started with the Jenga tower! The Jenga tower was a beautiful concept, coming from our all-time favorite game, obviously Jenga! Gooey dark chocolate brownie blocks shaped like Jenga blocked were stacked on each other just like it is in the same topped with salted caramel, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream. It tasted as good as it looked!

Drunken Chocolate Sundae with caramelized popcorn, pieces of waffles, sponge chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream and pieces of bananas! As tempting as it looked, we wouldn’t call it our favorite dessert of the night!

Our favorite dessert that night was the deconstructed cheesecake! It was nothing like the normal cheese cake but something much more creamy, gooey and oh-so-delicious! It was home-made cheesecake ice-cream (Yes, cheesecake ice-cream.. Love!) popping candy crumble, which will instantly take you to your childhood days, meringue and seasonal fruit, we were served mango! Something that you shouldn’t miss out on!

It is a perfect place for your Friday and Saturday night scenes, especially when you are going with a big group of people! With the  variety of games to be played and the amazing cocktails you will surely have a great time!

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