Saturday, 23 April 2016


Boombox Cafe, Gurgaon is known for its music based theme and how quirky it looks. The one which is located in Gurgaon is no less. It's a huge restaurant with Beautiful lights and a really amazing decor. It took me more than 5 minutes to notice each and every bit of their decor and it was truly a sight that amazed me. 

To begin with, we had few drinks :- 

Margarita, Bloody Mary, special shots and sex on the beach. 

Bloody Mary is my all time favourite drink and this one too didn't disappoint me at all. Love it's tanginess and all the things were mixed perfectly to make a drink this good. 

Sex on the beach was my Favourite out of all these. It was so nice and not at all sour. I don't like sour drinks and that's why this one was my favourite and of course it looked super cute too. Gave me the feeling of being on the beach and just chilling. 

Margarita was the frozen one and had lemon flavour which was so delicious. I completely loved how beautiful it looked. 

All the drinks I had here were yummy and on point. 

Coming to the Food we had :- 

Roast Chicken Salad. 
This one was a delight to my tummy. Very fresh, juicy and delish. A salad should always be the first thing you eat whenever you go to any restaurant. Luckily they served a gorgeous salad to me and made my day.

Chicken tikka spring rolls. 

These spring rolls were very heavenly and gooey. One bite into these and you go to some other planet. Very yummy and highlyrecommended by me. 

Chicken Tikka 
Everyone loves Chicken tikka and so do I. This one was very yummy and was presented very nicely. The Chicken pieces were succulent and delicious. A dish you definitely cannot miss here. 

I also Ordered French fries along with all of this. These fries were perfect and yummy.

Coming to the main course :

Butter chicken with Naan 

This butter Chicken was super tasty and so heavenly I can't even tell you. The pieces were succulent and juicy and the gravy had penetrated even inside the pieces giving that extra zing this dish needed. Very brilliant dish.

Finally we had was the Desi Chicken Pizza which was oh so awesome. This pizza was not at all authentic but like the name says desi, it was indeed desi and completely justified it's name. The flavors and spices were on point and this is a pizza I might order again whenever I go back to boombox. 

We had Chicken Mezze Platter which was ultimate. You don't expect a normal restaurant to serve such wonderful Lebanese food but at boombox they did surprise me with the flavors and the perfection this dish had. I am a huge huge hugeee Lebanese Cuisine fan and thankgod boombox didn't disappoint me at all. Full marks for this one. 

In the end we had Brownie with Icecream. A combination I've been eating since so long but never got bored. Here, the Brownie was gooey and had a really nice taste. Loved this dessert. 

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