Sunday, 10 April 2016


Junoon restro bar satisfied my cravings for north Indian food and I cannot stop myself from thanking them. 

This place is very beautifully decorated and is quite big as compared to other restaurants in Baani Square. They've maintained a good number of staff and all the staff is well equipped with the menu and the best dishes on it too. They have Sufi nights, Bollywood nights and even ladies nights so you know where to go the next time you want to eat good food and dance on some amazing music. 

Coming on to the drinks :- 

We had 
1 Old Monk, Bacardi, Cosmopolitan 

Three alcoholic cocktails for Saturday night? Oh yesss. They made the drinks pretty strong and that's what we look for in cocktails. They also served a very delectable and tangy mocktail which is served to every customer. Their presentation is also very quirky. My Old Monk was served in a shoe and looked so cute. Drinking with some awesome music was oh so perfect. 

Food we had here :- 

To begin with they served us cheesy bell peppers with sweet chilli sauce. Again, this is something which is served to everyone who dines here. They were served In glowy glasses and tasted very good. 

For starters we had, Chicken Baida Roti, a very delightful and tasty dish from their Mumbai special menu. Baida is basically eggs and this appetiser is Something you cannot miss when you go to this place. Full marks for this one. 

Then we had, Arbi Chips Masala which was again a very light and delicious starter. Someone who is not an arbi fan like me should definitely try this because it will change your perception for sure. 

Then we ordered, for a veg Platter which had beetroot tikka, soya chaap and methi ke kebabs. Three very different things put together to make one Heavenly Platter. All the flavors complimented each other so well. My favourite in the above three was the beetroot tikka because it was so fresh and so juicy. Again, I am not a beetroot fan but I could not stop myself from drooling over these tikkas. 

Then we had Chicken Bhuna which was another very yummy appetiser. The Chicken was minced and then cooked to perfection. Very tasty. 

Our next pick was, Lahori Murgh Tikka which was my favourite appetiser. The Chicken pieces were so tender and juicy and the flavors were just so brilliant. The way this Chicken was cooked with all the flavors along with it was clearly visible and also was clear while we were tasting it. Oh so perfect. Highlyrecommended. 

Then we had, Chicken Tangdi which was juicy leg pieces cooked till perfection. I really enjoyed digging in the flavors of this dish. 

Coming to the main course we had Kadhai Paneer, Koyla dum Chicken rara, Garlic Naan, butter naan and lucknowi dum Murgh Biryani with Raita. 

Their Kadhai Paneer was not the usual you get everywhere. It was very different and in a good way. It was so yummy and delish that we were unable to stop ourselves from finishing the entire dish within one go. The vegetables and the paneer with the gravy was a combination made in heaven (their kitchen). It was worth every bite. Don't miss it out when you go here. 

Koyla Dum Chicken Rara was yet another amazing dish which stole my heart. Trying something new is always on my agenda and I am glad I tried this one dish which was so droolworthy. 

Coming to the star of the entire dinner :- Lucknowi Dum Murgh Biryani 

I've genuinely never had such a delectable Biryani and I am a huge biryani fan. This one was so delicious that even with a full tummy I stuffed myself more just because the taste, the flavors, the spices it had was above brilliance. And nope, I am not exaggerating. You have to try it to believe me. 
I am soon going back to have this Biryani again. Can't stop drooling. 

With this my lavish dinner came to an end and I just loved everything I had. 

One thing I want to point out to y'all is their service is not slow, they take 15-20 minutes but that's not because they are slow but because they make everything fresh which was clearly visible in each and every dish. So all you have to do is, take a sip of your drink and enjoy the music till your food comes. 

I want to give full Marks to them and even more.

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