Monday, 11 January 2016


Gurgaon is slowly becoming into a hub of good and exclusive restaurants. We ssee so many of them in Cyber Hub. but now there are other famous hubs and markets filled with great restaurants at every corner which is slowly turning gurgaon into a place which every foodie would surely visit. 

So today I visited Biker's Cafe and had some really really good food. 

Biker's cafe is a place which completely justifies its name i.e. it is filled with bikes, quirky decor, pretty lights and some really badass helmets and hoardings. The place is huge and has a stunning giant bar in the centre as well. They've got a seating outside too if you wish to enjoy the sunny day. The decor of this place has impressed me way too much and I am just so glad that I did a review here. 

To begin with, me and my friend ordered a Cocktail called Cosmopolitan and a mocktail called The Biker's Punch. Both these drinks were fresh, yummy and delectable. 

The presentation was really appealing and pretty. You could feel the taste of all the ingredients which were used to make these captivating drinks.

With our drinks we had Chilli Cheese Toast and Mushroom and Cheese toast. Cheesy, full of flavors and oh so droolworthy. Especially the mushroom and cheese toast was so yummy that it got over within 5 minutes. Highly Recommended.

Then we ordered Mexican Jalapeno Burger. This giant burger looked so heavenly and when we took a bite it turned out even better. The patty in between was so juicy and with the cheese it just melted in my mouth. The veggies like tomatoes, onions and lettuce were fresh and delish. This turned out to be the best vegetaran burger i have ever had. Full marks to the chef for this dish. 


After having that massive burger we had the thin crust pizza called Bar-be-qued cottage cheese, onion and bell peppers. Filled with cheese and barbeque sauce, this pizza was worth every bite. It had tiny chunks of pine apple which made the pizza even more drooling. I am not exaggerating when i say that if you are a vegetarian and dont mind a little twist in your pizza, then you dont want to miss this pizza at all. Try it to believe it. 

This is The Tail Pipe Cannelloni which is basically a rolled up pasta stuffed with veggies or chicken and then baked, topped up with cheese and spicy tomato sauce. My first time with Cannelloni and it left me wanting more. The quantity was a little less but this dish had some really vibrant flavors. I especially loved the tomato sauce which gave the perfect zing this dish needs. The rolled up pasta was soft and appetizing. 

This dish is called Bikers Chicken Fusion Discovery and was their signture dish. As you can see in the picture, they had two grilled chicken brests with two different sauces i.e. peri peri and pesto. They had a fried egg and below the egg crow is mexican rice. What a combination it was. You get multiple flavors but all of them are complimeting each other. There was nothing about this dish that I could criticize about except the fact that the chicken was not so tender. But nevertheless, this dish was mouth watering and you definitely cannot miss this when you visit Bikers Cafe. Full marks and highly recommended by me. 

To handle our sweet cravings we ordered Tiramisu and Brownie with Ice cream. 
Both the desserts were toothsome and platable. The brownie was soft and gooey. Just perfect. 

The café boasts of its delicious and intelligent world food especially its popular everyday breakfast that makes one go gaga over the experience of  food. The delightful Café breakfast menu which opens early morning at7.30AM everyday consists of unique innovations like the hangover downshifter ,fresh detoxifying  juices like the  muscle soother, weight loss juices, anti ageing juices which on one hand proves extremely beneficial for one’s health and  rejuvenates skin,eyes,kidney,liver,heart,muscles  and mind and also attracts large number of people due its oneness.

To add to that, one goes through an enchanting gastronomical ride in the café with its variety of dishes that include various egg combos such as Japanese egg combo, Arabian egg combo,angels in eggs womb, American bacon n eggs with house baked fresh brown breads, Organic eggs combo,Highway parathas to in-house made mushroom n cottage cheese chilla to name a few from its multi cuisine breakfast menu. The fresh breads used in dishes are always baked and made in-house keeping the high quality in mind.
It is not just a cafe for bike junkies and adventurers but also for customers who are looking for a wide range of varieties of food and for the ladies who wants to escape from their daily routines and have fun and be free. 

I loved the service of the restaurant and the politeness of the staff as well, It was a pleasure meeting Mr Sanjay Yadav, who shared his love for food and how the entire concept of bikers cafe works. 

Keep up the good work guys :)

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