Friday, 28 October 2016

The grand truck culinary journey at Leela Ambience Conventional hotel, Delhi

Benaras-It’s one of the world’s oldest living cities. The winding lanes lined with quaint shops and spicy eateries, lazing cows and milling crowds, lives up to that reputation. Food here blends with religion and culture. Varanasi is famous for its kachoris, chaat, lassi and, of course, paan. 

The grand truck culinary journey is being celebrated at the Leela Ambience Conventional hotel, Delhi. And this time the stop is holy city, Benaras. To bring out the flavours of each mouth-watering delicacy, the chef himself travelled to Banaras to gather the secrets of the food geniuses hidden in the lanes of the city of Benaras.I love how they keep trying out different things and always try to bring something new to the table.

So i started my journey with Thandai and paan drink which tasted heavenly and refreshing, truly authentic in taste.

Bathi choka-served in huge brass plates and katoris.  The most popular dish of benaras,litti chokha and sattu parathas. Littis are hard, oven-baked channa dal cakes eaten with piping hot dal and chokha (traditionally made smoked eggplant) with an array of pickles.

 The dahi vada is a sweeter version of what you get on Delhi’s streets – it had a sweetened taste.

The kachoris were super crispy with perfect spices , this is one thing you should definitely not miss. Tasted delicious with mint chutney.

Tamatar ki chaat and chudda matar were lip smacking as well.

Coming to the main course it literally amazed me. With so many options like kadi pakora, aloo banarasi , tarua , paneer butter masala and chilli chilen , gutwa kebab in non veg , everything was exquisite.

The most exciting part were the desserts which included parval ki mithai , madgal , launglata and kheer .

Overall had a brilliant experience! The festival is ongoing till 29 of this month and definitely not to be missed at all.


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