Sunday, 31 May 2015


When you walk down the streets of Sheikh Sarai (WITH FOOD IN YOUR MIND) and look towards your left or right or in any direction you can only see food stalls and college students sitting near them eating their favorite street food. Food is a necessity in our lives but street food is a necessity for every college student who travels with a hundred rupee note in his jeans. Well, not to worry because we are here for your rescue.

Sheikh Sarai has two Delhi University colleges i.e. College Of Vocational Studies and Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. When you walk in to the street you are greeted by students sitting in the corner left drinking the special ‘Chai’ and if you look towards the right, we have our very famous ‘Chole bhatoore Wale Bhaiya’. Moving ahead you will get the aroma of Frankie or Chowmein with students heading inside either into their college (CVS) or into a road side restaurant called Sunny’s Restaurant. This place serves a lot of things but it is popular for its Paneer Frankie, chowmein and burgers. But one cannot finish their meal here without having a bottle of Pepsi or fruit beer. If we move further we see the next college i.e. SBSC and if you take right you go towards a row filled with fragrance of various food items. The row begins with ‘roll wale’ serving amazing rolls with very quick service and cheap prices. If you move ahead you see tiny street restaurants serving Pau Bhaji or Maggie or even Boiled eggs. We move further and see the sight of bliss for every food lover and it is ‘MOMOS WALE BHAHIYA’. He may be the most talked about boy of sheikh sarai as he serves the best momos (as told by most of the students). Even if you are a vegetarian you will love his veg-momos or paneer-momos because they are so fresh and yummy. But you cannot walk away after eating these heavenly dumplings. You need to (yes, YOU NEED TO) have ‘Banta’. This drink acts like a savior that gives your burning tongue a little relief after eating the momos sauce. Costing only 8 rupees it’s the best drink ever.

 And finally we reach The Authority. It’s a place that has everything that a college student needs. Photocopy to buying books to recharge to everyone’s favorite FOOD. There you have ‘Sri Ram Chaat’ serving delicious chaats and gol gappas too. Also if you want to quickly eat but need something cheap, try ‘Sharma ji ke Chole Kulche. Yes Mr. Sharma holding his bicycle feeds many hungry students with this delicacy and brings a smile on everybody’s face. But if you need a place which is clean and a bit sophisticated you’ve got to try WRAPIZZZ… A tiny place serving pizza and wraps but its ‘Chili Cheese Toast is the most talked about dish.

Hence in the end our sheikh sarai’s street food journey ends with an ice-cream in our hand and satisfaction in our tummy. 

A TIP- If you are traveling by metro, you have to get down at malviya nagar metro station to reach sheikh sarai and by any chance you are waiting there for a friend do try bhelpuri at the ‘bhelpuri stall’, I know you’ll thank us later for this

Well, we hope this little post will help you chose your street food wisely. Admissions are open in DU and we being students of DU wishes you all the best. And if by any chance you join these two colleges mentioned above do let us know and hangout with us someday and we'll share our food journeys together. :)

The MadCap Girls would just say life in Delhi University is incomplete without Street Food.

More posts about street food coming soon. 
Stay Tuned :D

P.S. ignore the quality of the pictures. Phone Photography it is :P

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