Monday, 25 May 2015


Nothing feels better than eating delicious chinese food. And that too spicy street taste added in it. So, on our way home we saw a food truck and it was a quick decision to stop and have a look. Near Arcadia market, South City 2, Gurgaon this truck was parked up and the fragrance from it was so so soothing. We stopped & asked for the menu and ordered 
1- chilly garlic noodles
1- veg- fried rice
1- chilly chicken (gravy)

and honestly people it was the meal that made our night. So yummy and so amazing.
And the service was super quick. As in we got all of this in less than 10 minutes. wow.
And the prices were quiet cheap.

Now the important point-- this truck is not there all the time. YES. You can only see it on weekends after 6pm. OMG, Right?
It was like santa, gave us gifts and joy and vanished away. 

We wish to provide you more information regardging the truck thus we are providing their phone number along with the post. It was dark SO we were unable to click a picture of their truck and so here is their number. They do home delivery as well. WOOHOO.
PHONE NUMBER- +918459692008

Wait for the next weekend and buy their food. The MadCap Girls says do try it.
Do share your reviews about it. :)

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