Sunday, 14 June 2015

Beera Chicken House- Guilty Pleasure

Beera Chicken House
(Opposite Bandari Hospital, Sehaj Avenue, Majitha Road, Near White Avenue, Amritsar)

OK. To every non-vegetarian, beware because some seriously explicit pictures/dishes are coming for you. 

We all know about the very famous Beera Chicken House in Amritsar. Punjabis are hard core non vegetarians and when we went there we realised why they love food so much.

Go ahead and enjoy. :)

This is the Keema Naan which was indeed heaven for our tummies. DELICIOUS.

It was served with a chutney which is mostly seen in restaurants of Amritsar, tangy and spicy and goes well with the onions. And with a curry. Chicken curry to be precised.

Tandoori Chicken is a must, right?

Beera is known for its tender and juicy tandoori chicken. We loved every bit of these and when you have then with your favorite beer, nothing better for sure. If you really want to try something in Beera, try these and you'll love it.

And finally to complete our guilty pleasure we had this super appealing Butter Chicken from Beera, ofcourse. If you ask the locals they will surely recommend you this dish. 

We had to stuff our tummies with the butter chicken because it was our last day in Amritsar, but we got no regrets. Truly.
The real butter chicken wala taste is what we felt when we had this dish. Amazing, tangy, little spicy, little sweet and buttery. Perfect with butter/plain naan. 

And now we also recommend you to try. 

 A TIP- Get the food packed. And eat at home.

Amritsar is a beautiful city and we loved our stay there. More food reviews and amazing pictures are kept hidden. Stay tuned.

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