Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sbarro India, Delight for Italian Lovers

Indians are in love with spicy, full of masala and buttery food but we do not stay away from trying various other cuisines. And from the past few years, Italian has become one of the most loved cuisine like chinese. We've eaten White sauce pasta or Red sauce pasta or any other type of pastas at various outlets and loved them. But one thing is always different and that is that it has 'the indian twist' in it. Somehow we, The MadCap Girls dont prefer this twist. It's nice but when we say Italian food why do we need that twist, right?

So, Sbarro India has fulfilled this requirement of ours. We are doing this post just for the love we have for sbarro's food. 
Are you having money trouble but you want to eat out? Try Sbarro.
As college students everyone has the money issue, including us but when you enter sbarro with 2-3 friends having 300rs each in your pocket you feel rich. Oh Yeah!

They have these value meals, just perfect for a hungry tummy. Their cheapest meal is for only rs99 (In the picture below)

Another good thing about sbarro is that they welcome you with a smile and assist you at every step while you place your order. They cook your paste right infront of your eyes and they prep the pizzas there as well. Its quiet impessive to see them flip the pizza base. 

We may have visited Sbarro more than ten times. The one in CP, New Delhi is a little crowded but the serivce is equally quick and the presentation remains same every time. Just Perfect. We currently ate Alfredo Pasta, both Veg and Non-Veg. And Romano (veg). 

But to grab a quick bite before we hop on The Metro, we go to the Sbarro which is in Huda City Centre, Gurgaon. Its usually empty and the staff looks really fresh and active. Our favorite Cheese pizza is our regular pick. 

If you are confused where to eat, go in sbarro and you'll defenitely fall in love with thier Italian FOOD.

Their best quality is that the taste remains same. Not even a single time that we have visited and came out disappointed. Both the outlets we've visited and their tastes are same. It gives us so much peace to realise how amazing it is to eat original (without any twist) Italian Food and not have any complaints. 

The Pasta Value Meal

This is a review and also our love for sbarro. 
We recommend y'all to try their various pizzas and order for the value meals. 

We are bringing more new stuffs for you guys, STAY TUNED


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