Friday, 12 June 2015

Hello Dumplings.

Hey Foodies. 
So we had put a picture few days back on our intagram page of some yummy momos we had. And the response was unbelievable. Thus, as we promised here we are with some delicious momo joints for y'all. 
We had so much fun stuffing ourselves with these amazing dumplings and so will you. Go ahead and try them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 
Super delicious and affordable. 
So, gear up people of Delhi,NCR because the next thing you will see will bring out the real foody in you. The lust to try these will surely not let you sleep at night. 


(32, Aruna Nagar, Majnu ka Tila, New Delhi)

So, let us tell you something before you get all excited... It was really hard for us to find this restaurant. Very hard. But ofcourse we did find it. So, we are telling you to keep a track of the small 'gali' in Majnu Ka Tila because if you loose it you will never find this place. Ask the people living there, they'll guide you for sure. Now, lets talk FOOD.

We were so tired after walking in the deadly sun, the first thing we ordered was pepsi. 
These were for rs25 each. A must for sure.

When you look at their menu there are so so many options and you may get lost but if you are there to try these momos then turn to the second last page and look for the option 'Special Momos' and these dumplings are called 'POTATO CHEESE MOMOS'. There is an option for either fried ones or steamed ones. We ordered fried ones. Their amount was rs110.
The taste was different and honestly if you are looking for the typical momos taste, dont try these. But if you are looking for something new, do try them. We loved them. The potato and cheese combo was nailed completely and it just melted in our mouths. The Momos sauce was too spicy but it went well with the dumplings. Simple taste but a must try for the momos lovers.
Also, very well presented.

(520, 1st Floor, Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp,Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi)

QD'S is very famous among all the Delhi University Students. Same here.
So, we went to this amazing place to try their very famous THE TANDOORI MOMOS. We added 'The' because these dumplings deserves the respect, bro.

What taste, what size, what color, what presentation. Can we give them 12/10. Obviously, we can.
Try their Original Mojito along with these dumplings and you'll love them forever.
The Momos are for rs140 and the original mojito is for rs90.

We've fallen in love with these dumplings way too much.
If you haven't tried them yet, just leave everything and go to eat them. You will not regret it.

Let's come to steamed momos now.

Following three images are for the Steamed momos lovers. Yaaiiee.

(D1, DDA Market, Near Red Light, Aggarwal Sweets, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi)

We all know this food truck. It is quiet famous for its quick service and chinese food. But their steamed momos (non-veg) are yum too. Try them. Just for rs60. We also tried their fried momos and was impressed by its taste. But we would rather recommend steamed momos to y'all. We brought the momos home. 
A TIP- Go in your car or atleast a two wheeler.

(Shop 26, Huda City Center Metro Station, Sector 29, Gurgaon)

Got down from a long journey in metro and want a quick snack?
Try Pep Box. QUICK.YUMMY and CHEAP momos. You get 8 pieces of non-veg momos for rs60. We surely recommend these because everyone needs a quick but good snack.

Do you live in south city 2, gurgaon? And you need to stuff your tummy with some good and cheap momos till you wait for friends to arrive or just to keep yourself busy from the evening buzz. We've got a perfect place for y'all. This 'momos wala' is seen in D-BLOCK market, south city 2, gurgaon the moment you enter the market but only after 6pm. It may not be as good as the momos we mentioned above but nevertheless it is something you can eat and feel good. Spending rs40 on their non veg momos and getting 8 pieces is a great option, no?

Do try these. You'll love them, a little.

So, are we done? YEAHHHH.

The MadCap Girls brought you these momos joints/points so that you can eat them and share it with us and the world. Go ahead and try them and drool over their tastes. 
Hope you liked the post. Add your comments below and let us know where else we can find some different and creative type of momos. Let's be a bit different. YO.


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