Thursday, 11 June 2015

Bharawan da Dhaba- Amritsar Food Stories

Bharawan Da Dhaba, since 1912, is a dhaba/restaurant in Amritsar, Punjab.
With the delicious indian vegetarian food that is served here, we had a lot of fun reviewing it. 
The food was amazing and yes indeed it was full of butter, ghee and calories. But you are in punjab and all this is like a ritual.

Go down to have a look at the yummy food we had.

These are served at every table before hand only. The pickle was fresh and tasty.


Well, obviously if you are in amritsar you've gotta drink lassi bro.
The Meethi Lassi here was yum yum. Ofcourse it was full of thick Malai. But that's the beauty of Amritsar ki Lassi.


1 Kadhai Paneer
2 Chana Masala
3 Dal Makhani
4 Baingan Bharta
5 Plain Naan
6 Lacha Parathaa

So, the food was amazing. Usually all these are the items that we consider restaurant food if we have vegetarian. But the Kadhai Paneer was exceptionally good with the spice and the tangyness in it. 
Chana Masala and Dal Makhani were average. We may have eaten better Dal in Delhi than in Amritsar. 
Honestly, even we are shocked but the Baingan Bharta turned out to be the dish of the day. If you pick up a piece of you roti and dip it into Baingan Bharta and bring it close to your nose, OMG, the aroma. It was so nice. Brought back some memories of you playing in farms and stuff like that.
I mean we were mesmerized. A must try if you go there.

All in all, the food was decent and the service was quick enough. Though the place was crowded but there was no chaos or people hitting each other's elbows and all. Spacious, airy and systematic place. If you are in Amrtisar do go here and enjoy the brilliant food.

Let us know if you would like to add something in the review. 

FOOD- 8.5/10


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