Monday, 22 June 2015

Salads and Us

During summer, we all prefer to eat less oily food and mostly salads and drinks. So why not have a post about two of the easiest salads you can eat during these days.

Enjoy these refreshing salads and drool over them at your home. Easy to make and good for your health. 
Are you diet concious but you dont want to compromise with the taste? These two salads are just perfect for you. RECIPE is provided below.


American Corn, onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, chilly flakes, oregano, salt to taste, black pepper, black salt, corriander.


Saute all the veggies together in a pan for 5 minutes. Add American corn and then add chilly flakes, oregano, salt to taste, black pepper and black salt.
Serve in a bowl. Decorate it with corriander leaves. 
Can be served hot or cold. 


Elbow macaroni, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, green chilly, chilly flakes, oregano, black pepper, black salt, salt to taste.


Boil macaroni till its soft.
Cut all the veggies into tiny pieces and mix them into a bowl.
Add macaroni into that bowl and add chilly flakes, oregano, black pepper, black salt and salt to taste. Mix wisely. 
Decorate it with corriander leaves.
Serve with your dinner and your guests will love it.

We hope you make these quick salads for your party or dinner and do let us know if you do :)


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