Wednesday, 4 May 2016


The first impression the place will leave on you will be OH MY GOD! From the art made out of buttons on the wall of an angel to the interior of heaven and hell which ends up in the marriage of red and gold, making the interior captivating.

The place is humongous covering an area of 8000sq feet.

What we binged on:

•ACHARI VADA PAO: oh heavenly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED- perfect blend of spices and the bun was soft and The aloo batata tasted so good and the spicy lasuni chutney completed the dish. Additionally the presentation was beautiful and the whole affair was drool worthy.

•SESAME BREAD BITES: were a little oily but otherwise tasted good. The crunch was perfect and the hot and sweet sauce complimented them.

•ORANGE SRIR ACHA GRILLED SUPREME OF CHICKEN : served with a peanut dip is an admirable dish, the roasted chicken was succulent and flavoursome.


•ADDAMS APPLE: You will be awestruck with the presentation of this drink. Topped with a ice ball which is filled with vodka. Came with a small hammer in a illusionary plate. It was zesty, i loved it from the top to the bottom. RECOMMENDED.


It was a delightful shake. Tasted pretty good and was filling. The coconut flavour was strong but subtle at the same time which made it astounding.RECOMMENDED.

•ITALIAN SMOOCH: a refreshing mocktail with a iceball. It had an overpowering flavour of mint. I liked it.

•VIRGIN BLOODY MARY: its best to skip this one.

•PAN MADIRA: it made me remember a toffee i used to eat in my childhood called pan pasand (not sure) but it resembled the taste of that toffee. It was refreshing but i don't think that everybody is gonna like it.

•ANGEL BLUSH: it was a pineapple juice based drink with basil and lemon, it had a beautiful red blush colour, with both tart and sweet flavour given by grenadine syrup. The presentation was adorable with a flower on the top.


•ASPARAGUS AND COTTAGE CHEESE WITH SMOKED CHILLI HOT GARLIC: the dish was so palatable that I couldn't find even one wrong thing about it. The cottage cheese was tender and asparagus was fresh and the sauce was perfect chilli and garlicky. It tasted incredibly good with the STREET SIDE NOODLE.

•KATHAL AUR MOTI KA PULAO WITH BURANI RAITA: you HAVE TO TRY THIS ONE- the pulao was so divine that i ignored all other dishes until it was finished. The raita on its own was superb too. It was a wholesome dish. I loved it.

•ALFREDO PENNE PASTA: was mouthwatering, the sauce was on point. Perfectly creamy and with perfect consistency. .

•CHERRY TOMATOES AND FRESH BASIL PENNE PASTA: was well seasoned, the garlicky taste was tenuous. I completely loved it. RECOMMENDED.

•SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN: was fresh and succulent, it was crunchy on the outside and squidgy from inside, it was flavourful. Overall it was mouthwatering.

It was served with Rosemary Potatoes but were better off without them.


•MELON KI KHEER: oh my GOD. I couldn't stop spoon digging in that kheer. First experience and it was splendid

I didn't like the other two desserts a lot but i think because of the buffet system they were not able to do justice to them.

•CHOCOLAVA: okayish could have been better.

•LEMON POSSET : average.

#SHEESHA: commissioner- can't stop praising about it to all of my friends. Trust me it was THE BEST hookah i ever had. Such smooth smoke and so dense. The hookah itself looked so hot. And was served with a chilled pipe. I was reluctant to pass it on to anybody else. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A must thing on your table.

This new kid deserves a visit for sure :)


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