Friday, 6 May 2016


Udaipuri is the perfect place for vegetarians. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant/take away which serves brilliant Rajasthani food and other Oriental options too. Yeah you heard me, oriental too. Their food is cooked fresh and is really delectable.

To begin with, I had palak pakori Chaat which was so crispy, soft and Delicious. The flavors were on point and so were the spices. A very yummy starter.

Then we had, kumbh tikka Masala which was barbequed mushrooms with brilliant flavors and spices and what an amazing taste it had. Also their presentation was awesome. A very filling and yum dish.

Then I ordered, soyabean sugarcane satay with peanut sauce. So this is from their oriental menu. Believe it or not, their Oriental menu is equally good. They have made their menu on the basis of how good can they cook. This juicy starter was delectable with a sugarcane in between which Gave it the perfect zing. Full marks for this one.

Then i had, vegetable dimsums. I was craving for dimsums and so I Ordered it. And it was a shock for me that these dimsums were oh so Heavenly. I completely enjoyed eating these dimsums and will recommend it to all the vegetarians as well as the non vegetarians because everyone will love them.

Then we ate the main course which had, Thai green curry with steamed rice. I am not a Thai curry fan but this one was worth every bite. It was so droolworthy and delicious that I finished the entire plate. Their Oriental menu serves great options too and I loved all that I had from that menu. This one was too delicious and a must try.

Daal Baati Choorma a very droolworthy dish which is obviously the typical Rajasthani dish. They made these cute little baatis which were yummy and easily edible. They showed they are the expert because their this dish was amazingggg. Highlyrecommended.

Finally we had, mezze Platter which was recommended by the staff. Ok, so I hope you will believe me here that this was a very very delish mezze Platter. Every single ingredient was nailed to perfection and I being a fan of this Cuisine loved their indianized version too. Something you should Surely order from here.

So they have seating at their outlet too but they usually get orders and take away which has increased pretty well in the past four months I.e. after they started this place. Honestly, their food is worth drooling over and I will recommend it to each and everyone. Even if you are a non vegetarian, you can come here or order from here and you will definitely be delighted.

I am definitely going back to eat their food again.

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