Sunday, 29 May 2016

Cha Bar's Fruitomania- NEW MENU LAUNCH

Cha Bar, the capital’s most loved café presents Fruitomania

An all new refreshing summer menu

Cha Bar is the first of its kind urban contemporary space that created a rage in Kolkata in year 2000, turning tea from a dry page in history to a lifestyle drink! Ms Priti Paul’s brainchild backed by generations of Apeejay Surrendra Group’s experience in tea plantation business, Cha Bar was created as an integral part of more than 90 years old iconic Oxford Bookstore in city centre Park Street. The concept was expanded pan India integrated into Oxford Bookstores and customers loved the experience of being able to browse at leisure, leafing through the books of their choice, over a cup of tea from the wide selection available at the Cha Bar or simply unwinding with friends sipping the rejuvenating beverage, iced or piping hot!
Whether one prefers a rich, full-bodied, strong flavor, or a light fragrant taste, the Cha Bar offers a wide and enviable choice. 

Cha Bar believes that there is indeed nothing quite like a good cup of tea so every cup of blend we serve has journeyed, be it from the dhabas in India or from across the Globe from other cultures. Today, Cha Bar offers this experience at Oxford Bookstores across multiple stores in Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi.

The stylish and relaxing ambience of Cha Bar can make hours go by browsing through our huge collection of books while one is spoilt for choice with an assortment of Teas blended and prepared with precision, and after exhaustive research, with personalized and informed service. The space dedicated to the Cha Bar adds to the experience.

Watermelons, Grapes, Cherries, Mangoes and many more of your favourite fruits make it to Cha Bar’s summer menu, beautifully combined with drinks, desserts, salads and main course dishes. The specially crafted menu will not only cool and refresh you but also treat your taste buds to a frutilicious experience.

The special menu will entice diners’ taste buds with desserts and dishes like Baked Grape Pie, Coconut Panacotta with fresh Mango Puree, Litchi Mousse, Mango Baked Cheese Cake, Honey and Lemon Parafait, Jamun Brule, Sattu Cooler, Jal Zeera, Aam Panna, Green Apple Soda, Pink Lemonade, Green Japanese Matcha Shake and many more. The foodies meet will witness Chef Namrata from The Park sharing tips on light foods and the best way to include summer fruits into your diet, alongside the tasting of the new summer menu at Cha Bar. 

Cha Bar’s new menu is designed to appeal to the evolving palettes and preferences of casual dining guests, while providing guests with more options to their meal experience at any time of the day. The new menu is in line with Cha Bar’s philosophy of offering yummy, wholesome and pocket friendly food with a twist.

The expansive menu has been brought out following months of culinary development, intensive research and consumer evaluation. The new menu poses for an excellent opportunity to be teamed with the array of exotic teas served at Cha Bar.

A unique feature of the environmental graphics across all Cha Bars is the Tea-Pot wall which displays the different traditional tea-pots from across the world. This not only creates awareness about the tradition of tea-serving across different continents but also adds an interesting design element adding to the ambience of the space. It also showcases how different teas in our menus are served and promotes the dying truck art of Pakistan and the Bollywood poster art of India, for which special artists are commissioned by, Ms Priti Paul, Director, Apeejay Surrendra Group.

Cha Bar Menu is refreshed regularly with additional varieties of exotic Teas and delectable snacks with in-house experts at Apeejay Tea Group with experience of nurturing tea in our plantations dating back more than a 100 years and renowned Chefs of the Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels with nearly 5 decades of experience in fine hospitality and award winning Food & Beverage offerings.

-Tavishi Arora

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