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Content Bakers is a bakery that delivers all across the country at your doorstep and I had ordered their brilliant brownies that they specialise in. First of all I will talk about their delivery and packaging. 

Their delivery was on time and the packaging was perfect. There was no discrepancy during this process. They are not too expensive but their product quality is amazing. Their boxes are of good quality and they only charge 65 -70 bucks per brownie. This showcases their love for their work and also their professionalism.

Got a chance to interact with the owner Shamee Mehta  :-

When did you establish content bakers?
A.      Inception of Content Bakers was February, 2016.

When did you start baking as a passion?
·         It all started since my teens with my passion towards baking and cooking.
·         I am a self-taught baker.
·         I devised the recipes myself.

3 years ago I started baking brownies. I experimented with different permutations and combinations of all ingredients until I innovated my own recipe

What motivated you to move from baking as a passion to profession?
Concept behind it:
·         I have been passionate about baking and cooking.
·         Passion and deep interest in baking, specifically brownies led to dedication which intern resulted in professionalism.
·         Wider scope and intent to reach out to more and more people helped me push myself and go deeper into it.
·         Baking is a state of art and with the creativity involved from baking to packaging, I wanted to lure people towards a product that has a stamp of my own and much appreciated wide over.

·         My immense passion for baking has brought excellence in me and thereby gives me great joy and happiness.
·         I derive an acute sense of contentment and fulfillment.
·         It has helped to bring out the best in me.

This one was genuinely my favorite because if was so gooey and heavenly. I had one just like that And the other one with a schoop of vanilla Icecream. They made this brownie with so much of perfection and I was in some other world after eating them. Can I give them more than 5 for this particular brownie. Yes I will. Full marks.

I am not a walnut fan as all but i obviously tried it. If was gooey and had generous amount of walnuts and chocolate in it. A perfect snack with your evening tea. Even i enjoyed it. And my father who is a die hard walnut lover was not ready to share it with anyone else.

OK, so I almost had a heart attack when I saw this. Orange and chocolates, two things I love so much. I tried them for the very first time and cant stop drooling over these. Amazingly yummmy and had such a beautiful taste and the flavors were balanced very nicely too. I must say that they've made a lovely brownie out of these two contradictory ingredients. Good work on this one especially. I will recommend it to everyone. 

 What is your business plan? How do you plan to expand in the next 5 years?
·         To grow Content Bakers nationwide.
·         To deliver the taste that is indelible and satisfying.
·         Making Content Bakers one of the most desirable brands of brownies – leaving one no choice for another.

These are eggless brownies. What is the shelf life? Any suggestions to your customers on having the brownies?
·         These are eggless brownies.
·         Shelf life of the brownies is 4 days at room temperature.
·         Best when consumed in the 4 days at room temperature without refrigeration.
·         If one wants to heat it a little, not more than 5 sec in the microwave.
·         Refrigeration will spoil the softness of the brownies and one would have to heat it for 5 sec before consuming.
·         If one wants the same softness without heating then one shouldn’t refrigerate.

Who is your target audience? 
·         Private and corporates.

What is your educational qualification?
·         I have finance background and qualifications. I work for my father in the field of finance.

·         ‘Content Bakers’ is my passion turned into profession and my family has backed me up in every decision of mine in pursuing my passion with their strong belief that passion brings excellence.

To know more follow them on instagram and facebook and order now. 

1.       Delivery all over India with courier charges applicable and payment by bank transfer or cash deposit.

2.       To place an order call us on +91 9867131800 or email us


Rs. / Pc.
Double Chocolate Brownies
Choco Orange Brownies
Choco Walnut Brownies

All In all my experience with content bakers was pretty amazing because they made me and my tummy very happy. Also, when i got to know that they had started in feb this year and I cant believe how well and how professionally they are already working. Keep up the good work. 

It was wonderful interacting with the owner who is so passionate about her work. 

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