Sunday, 29 May 2016


Located on the prime location of club road , bollywood biistro can be easily found . The place has a valet parking so we wasted no time in finding the parking space on this busy road. 

As we entered we saw that the place has bollywood charisma all over. All the walls of the biistro is covered with some or the other filmi posters and one liners from bollywood like , ''kitne aadmi they?'' , ''mogambo khush hua'' and many more. The seating is nicely done with variant options from comfortable sofas to large chairs , also they have a separate area for fine dine.  They have a gorgeous bar with UA fim certificate on the bar wall. 

The staff is very courteous and efficient and service is also quite well.

Coming to the drinks we ordered- 

Virgin mojito , dead pool mocktail , pineapple sunshine mocktail and snicker bar shake .- All the drinks were great , virgin mojito was perfect in taste , pineapple sunshine and deal pool , wonderfully presented  but a bit sweet and the snicker bar shake tasted amazing.

In food we had-

Honey Chilli potato- crispy enough and enormously good in taste. 

Crispy chicken in mayo- highly recommended ! This dish was fantastic, surely a perfect delight for our stomach, the chicken was perfectly cooked with amazing taste of mayo on top. 

Spring rolls - came in a bicycle toy were decent in taste , good part was it wasn't oily at all.

Mom's delight pizza- veryyy cheesylicious! Yum'! But they need to work upon the base and more veggies need to be added in toppings.

Chicken tikka and paneer tikka - both the dishes were presented in a different way , the moment we saw them we couldn't control ourselves to taste them , both were perfect in taste, had great flavours and perfectly marinated . Again both the things are must try!

Sizzler - great in portion , can serve 3 at a time , the sauces were very tasty and the whole dish was delectable in taste. 

We ended our meal on a sweet note with 2 sweet dishes -

Brownie with vanilla ice cream - classic combination with which we can never get bored of. The brownie was soft and moist . 

Rabri with gulab jamun- ok, this was really a nice dessert, the fusion created is a must try and you'll end up ordering it more.

All in all BB is different for those who those who wants to enjoy delicious food with the pleasure of unique ambience , the place will be loved by the bollywood crazies. I'm definitely hopping there again soon. 


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