Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Wendy's, the world's third largest burger brand is all set to introduce two new flavour filled paneer burgers across restaurants. Wendy’s is known for its extensive vegetarian offering in India with its 11 veg menu items, including the new burgers.

The delectable new burger options consist of the Paneer Delight, a crispy paneer patty topped with fresh onion rings, tomatoes, lettuce and fries for an extra crunch. The sauce is a combination of sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise. The burger is priced only at Rs.99/- and one of the most affordable paneer burgers in the QSR segment.

The second offering is the Ultimate Paneer, a hand breaded, cornflake coated paneer patty layered with beetroot-onion jam, cheese sauce and creamy mayo along with fresh veggies in a chilli brioche bun. The burger is competitively priced at Rs.139/-

Keeping in mind the high vegetarian consumption, Wendy’s has been working on developing the vegetarian menu across our portfolio and the menu does not stop only at burgers but there is a range of non-burger items such as salads, wraps, chilli and paneer melts etc. that prominently feature in it.

A Wendy’s consumer gets a QSR price with a whole lot more including great quality ingredients, fresh made to order food, a wide menu to choose from within affordable prices thereby, claiming a QSR++ position.

In order to make the brand more accessible, consumers can also order the Wendy’s menu online through Zomato, Swiggy and Food Panda. The minimum order for delivery is only Rs.100/-.

For drinks we had cold coffee which shockingly was not just sweetened milk but actually a really good aromatic coffee. We also had cucumber fizz and vanilla cola, two drinks which I completely loved. Especially the cucumber fizz because it was so fresh and delightful. 

We were so excited to try their new paneer burgers and we had the delightful ultimate paneer burger. It was juicy, delectable and yummy. The patty inside it was crisp and had a filling of paneer in it. The veggies were yum and the bun was tasteful too. This paneer burger was amazing. A must try for the vegetarians and I'd suggest it to the non vegetarians too. 

The next burger we had was the greek falafel which was a tangy and juicy burger with fresh ingredients. Something only a Lebanese lover and eat because its different and delicious. Definitely a burger I'd never miss.

Their masala fries and normal french fries were both amazing. They've got various dips to choose from and i really enjoyed the spicy dips they had. 

I also had their chicken caeser salad. The smokyness of chicken the yummy caeser dressing was everything i needed. Loved it 100% 

Then we had baconator burger. So I am not not not a bacon fan but this burger still tasted good to me. I was unable to finish it because it was too much bacon for me but I tried it and I liked it. I'll slowly develop the taste for it. Hopefully. But the bacon patty was juicy and delish. I really liked how easily it melted in my mouth. 

The last burger i had was smoky chipotle. I am a chipotle loverrr. And having chipotle with burger is everything. I completely enjoyed the burger. Its tanginess and yummu flavor just made my day. Nothing can go wrong with chicken. Still drooling 

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