Monday, 2 May 2016


K3 is a high end place, with the finest interior one can think of. It had 3 open kitchen which looked stunning. They have outdoor seating as well which was so ravishing and exquisite, it was a place which can make anyone's evening soothing and pleasant. 

We were invited for the Bangkok street food festival and got an opportunity to eat Bangkok's lovely street food.

What we ordered:-

•Fushia:- it was a watermelon juice based drink with a perfect blend of mint, lime juice and a little bit of 7up. It was heavenly and is Highly recommended.

•Virgin Mojito:- was average, nothing special.

•Tom-Yum Goong:- it was a spicy prawn soup which was lip smacking good and fresh prawns made the whole dish much more compelling.

•Geang Kiee Wan Kai:- Chicken cooked in green cury, with bangkok's street touch, made me drool over it. It had a great texture and the gravy was consistent.

•Panang-Tow-Hoo:- It was tofu, cooked in red curry which was really rich in flavour. Spices were balanced and is Highly Recommended.

•Pla Neung Manao:- It was a steam fish which was so beautifully presented and was completely irresistible. 

It was fresh and perfectly cooked, spices were accurate.

•Thab Thim Grob:- It was the most praised dish of that day. A desert, which was served with coconut syrup and water chestnuts, it was so heavenly that we didn't hesitate to order another one. Highly Recommended.

If you want to give your taste buds a different experience then you should definitely give it a try and enjoy the amazing thai food by Chef Kung, this festival is till 7th,May 2016.



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