Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Thai Food Festival at The Oriental Pavilion, Fortune Hotel

The oritental pavilion has an ongoing thai festival which celebrates the beauty of thai food in a very amazing manner. Being a sucker for thai food I decided to visit this place with a friend of mine and experience their hospitality. 

The restaurant is on the 11th floor with some really mesmerizing decor and the entire restaurant looks magnificent and magical. The environment is peaceful with slow music and good aroma. 

Coming to the menu they have for this festival. Its a limited menu with 4 -5 dishes under each tittle like starters, main course etc but each and every dish is affordable and yum. 

I had the soup which was present in their menu. It was quite delectable and a little on the spicy side. You can add your own ingredients in it like chicken, vegetable, prawns etc. Then we also had their iced tea which was very fresh and smelled quite nice and tasted too good. 

Starters were just brilliant. Especially the chicken skewers and phat thai in rice rolls. These two were out of this world and were made with so much of perfection. A must try. Especially the rolls. 

Everything in the main course was delectable and worth spending bucks on. I enjoyed the phat thai noodles and various curries they had. Evety thing was authentic and marvellous. A menu where you cant skip anything. 

Coming to the best part DESSERTS. The two desserts present on the menu are just beyond belief. Both the desserts were quite impressive and they were presented very nicely and tasted even better. Their desserts stole the show.

All In all this thai food festival was amazing and worth visiting.

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