Monday, 6 June 2016


Zu tisch is a modern german bistro in a very famous restaurant hub of south delhi i.e GK , located on second floor in GK 2 , M Block market , the place has pretty nice ambience and classy aura. I fell in love with the relaxed feel of this place . The wall art is really interesting , the bar is equally attractive offering various varieties of mocktails and cocktails, You will feel super comfortable here so it'a perfect place to hangout.

The service was nothing less than perfect , the best part was that the servers know about the dishes very well and were very responsive.

Coming to the drinks we had-

German chocolate shake -came in a sleek bottle was veryy yummy in taste.

Berry cookie and cold coffee- both the drinks were excellent in taste.

Very berry slush and black grape muddle - both the mocktails were awesome in taste ,had a tangy and flavour in it made the drink worth every sip. 

Vodkatini- the only cocktail we ordered , had right amount of alcohol in it and was equally good.

Dragon rolls- were nothing extraordinary , were going well with the sauces accompanied along had a decent taste.

All veg pizza- a thin crust pizza, must say very delicious in taste, topped with veggies and gooey cheese is a must try! 

Lasagna rolls- droolworthy dish , very refreshing , the moment it entered in our mouths it just melted in our mouth, a satisfying treat for our taste buds.

Mix sauce pasta- tossed in hot and tangy sauce along with bell peppers was flavourful in taste.

Beer batter prawns- yummy, juicy, heavenlyyy prawns accompanied with potato wedges was cooked to perfection.

The sad part is they don't serve desserts but i hope they introduce it really soon.

All in all i had a good time with my friends here , and if you want to have sumptuous meal in a cozy place with good music in South delhi , you know where to head.


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