Thursday, 16 June 2016


As the name suggests, Nothing but chicken is love for chicken lovers. It is located in five places in Mumbai. We visited their Andheri Lokhandwala branch.

Nothing but chicken is a small food joint, where you get marinated raw chicken to cook, as well as cooked dishes.

They have a variety of kebabs, chicken salads and vadapaos. Yes, they have chicken vada pao, a combination of love and bliss.

We started with their salads. We had chicken classic, which is a combination of low fat mayo, and chicken breast topped with black olives, bell pepper and chopped parsley and flavored with zesty black pepper.
Our favorite one was their Bistro salad, which is a European bistro style healthy salad recipe, chicken topped with black olives, corn and capsicum.
Their Mexican salad was good too.

For kebabs we had,
Lasooni seekh kebab, it was a scrumptious garlic flavored seekh.
Chicken cheese torpedoes was oh-so-cheesy with chicken filled with cheese inside (chicken + cheese = euphoria)
Aachari seekh, just like the name says, had an achari flavor in the seekh. It was so tender and delectable.
Galouti seekh was average, and not as soft as galouti kebab should be, it is passable.
We also had railway chicken cutlet which we did not relish as it was again not soft at all. 

They have a variety of dishes with pao and chicken like keema pao, seekh pao, salami pao, desi style burger and so on.

We tried their chicken vada pao. There is an option to choose between brown pao and white pao. We had brown pao. The cutlet, which is the vada, was a bit spicy but was so flavorsome and tasty, we loved it.
Chicken vada-pao is a must have if you are going here.

It is a good place if you are craving chicken and want some flavors and spices. A great place for chicken lovers. You can go here on a random evening and tantalize your taste buds.  


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