Monday, 6 June 2016


Grandmama’s café, one more foodie bolt hole in Kamala Mills. The very first thing as you enter the restaurant, rather arrive at the entrance of the restaurant is, how cute it is and will totally make you miss your grandmama’s place. With cute interiors to floral walls to the chairs, everything is so adorable.

Even though we went there on a weekday, which is on a Thursday night, the place was fully packed, which is a good message. Also, people of all age groups were enjoying themselves there. Youngsters, middle aged people and older people too.

They had a vast menu from the kitchens of Italian Grandmamas and Bombay Grandmamas and Parsi Grandmamas and much more. 

We started our special foodie journey with Grandmama’s Meatballs which were chicken meatballs tossed in homemade tomato sauce with almond flakes and smoked paprika. The meatballs were perfectly cooked and the flavorsome tangy sauce made the juicy and soft meatballs so delectable. They will definitely make you miss your grandmama’s delectable food.

Then we ordered Hummus – Flavored Chickpea paste with paprika, vegetables and pita. Hummus came with a piece of broccoli, few stripes of carrot and zucchini. It was an average dish. Not the best hummus I’ve had. 

Gambas Al Ajillo – Prawns with garlic, olive oil, chilli and basil was very succulent.

Next was, Grandmama’s roast chicken – classic roast chicken, spring vegetables served with rosemary mash and pan jus. As the name suggests, it was a classic and so tender and juicy. It actually tasted like the home-made delicious roast chiecken cooked by grandmamma.

Then it was time was pizza. For vegetarian we had Grandmama’s special pizza which was cheese pizza topped with sundried tomatoes, olives, onions and bell peppers. For non-veg we ordered Pepperoni Pizza, the classic Italian pizza. Both the pizzas were so appetizing.

We ordered Classic Prawn Cocktail, which is poached prawns tossed in sharp brandy mayo garnished with coriander croutes. It was served in a cocktail glass and was presented very well. The sauce was so good and tasted amazing with the coriander croutes and lettuce.

Arancini balls are deep fried risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella, served with mango mayo. Mango mayo didn’t go very well with the balls and they were a bit bland. I would say passable.

Grandmama’s Home-made Ravioli, which is Pumpkin and sage ravioli in dill cream cheese sauce, was an average dish. Although the cheese sauce was brilliant.

Wild mushroom risotto – which is creamy mushroom risotto served with brown butter. We added chicken to it. This was the best risotto I’ve had.  So delicious, creamy and cooked with perfection.

We then ordered Grandmama’s chicken wings – Pressure-cooked chicken wings tossed in homemade sweet and spicy sauce. They were served in a tiny bi-cycle . The way it was presented was really cool and funky. It was also very delectable and creamy.

All American burger – Juicy tenderloin patty, topped with crispy bacon and melted cheddar enclosed in a bun. This burger was heavenly. It could have been cheesier though.

Then coming to desserts, they had various pastries, we ordered a red velvet cheese cake, a chocolate ecstasy pastry and a mud cake pastry. Red velvet cake was not extraordinary. It tasted fine.
Chocolate ecstasy pastry and mud cake pastry were both good and chocolaty.

We then tried their homemade waffles and we added nutella to it. Waffles were just perfect and tasted amazing with nutella.
We also had their chocochip pancakes with salter caramel, which were so soft and delicious. 

We also ordered some cocktails. Anti-Ageing Caipiroska which was sweet tangy and perfect, a Grandmama’s mixed melon sangria and a blue lagoon cooler which was also sweet and sour and was very refreshing.

We told you, the menu is pretty huge, and we wanted to try a lot of things.

We will want to try their Rajma chawal, Dhansak, Keema pao, khichdi, milkshakes and of course their breakfast menu, and a lot more!

We will be heading to Grandmama’s very soon again to try some of their other dishes from their lovely menu.

If you are looking to have a gala time with your family, go to Grandmama’s café for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You will love every bit of it! 


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